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Lightweight Merino for Summertime Wear – WoolX

by Mia Anstine

Since I love the outdoors, I also enjoy being comfortable while I’m there. I like clothing that will help me survive. That usually means natural fiber fabrics and layers. Then, what girl doesn’t like being fashionable at the same time? I’m not sure if a v-neck tee equals “fashion,” but it’s close enough for me.…

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Capture Epic Adventures – Epic HD 1080p

by Mia Anstine

This is the Epic HD 1080p, from  As you can see, it is small, lightweight and streamlined. It is a basic, affordable point of view camera for those who want to catch a user’s eye angle of their adventures. The Epic Cam records great high definition footage. There are four buttons to control it. They […]

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Book Review: the Scent of Fear by Tom Adair

by Mia Anstine

Recommended I have always enjoyed reading, but if a book doesn’t catch my attention from the start, it may take me months or even years to read. It took me just two days to read the Scent of Fear by Author Tom Adair. If you’ve followed me at all, you know I don’t watch much TV, but […]

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Excellent show: Skull Bound TV

by Mia Anstine

My weekdays are primarily shared between the Little Gal and work so on the weekend I do my best to get outdoors. I don’t watch TV often, but last winter I did get to catch an episode of a friend/fellow Prois Staffer’s show on the Sportsman’s Channel which I really enjoyed. I first met Jana […]

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Not smelling pretty, but happy to be Scent Free with HerCAMOShop products

by Mia Anstine

Earlier this summer Hank, the Little Gal and I drove a giant loop through the south to hunt in Oklahoma and Alabama. We hunted with friends while in Oklahoma, and with Rack Nine Outdoors (RNO) in Alabama. We met up with friends from the Women’s Outdoor News and also’s Jeff and Shelly Ray. It was […]

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Choosing a hunting rifle for the lady

by Mia Anstine

I’ve been asked a number of times what hunting rifle would be best for a lady. Husbands call, text or write and ask what rifle they should purchase for their wives. First and foremost, I think you should assess what the lady intends to hunt with the rifle. Research the regulations in the area you […]

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SHOT Show – Franchi Affinity

by Mia Anstine

Hank & I attended SHOT Show last winter in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is an outstanding show with so many exhibitors, it is always exciting to see. My most memorable experience of the trip was the day prior to the show when we went to Media Day at the Range. This is a National Shooting […]

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RZ Mask – Camouflaged & Scentless

by Mia Anstine

I have been spending quite some time testing out the RZ Mask. When I received it, the package declared “camouflaged & scentless – Give yourself the advantage of complete sight and scent concealment” That sounds like it would be ideal for not only tree-stand, but spot and stalk hunting. At first sight the mask appeared to be […]

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ReVO 26 Pro Ears youth hearing protection

“Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate. Guns are loud and the noise can cause hearing damage. They can also emit debris and hot gas that could cause eye injury. For these reasons, shooting glasses and hearing protectors should be worn by shooters and spectator” From the fundamental rules of safe gun handling by NRA When […]

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Ultra-Light Harness: for binoculars, cameras or range finders

I’m always out scouting and looking for the next exciting thing in the outdoors which means I am always carrying my binoculars and/or my camera. I was a little hesitant when I first pulled this product out of the package, but after giving it the good ol’ outdoor try, it has earned my respect. The […]

A must have for the lady hunter – PRÓIS® Ultra Short Sleeve

Turkey hunting starts in just three days here in Colorado! That means we will have our chilly mornings to contend with and warm mid-day and afternoon. Last week it was up below 30 in the morning and high 70′s in the afternoon. That means layers are required. One of the tools that is a favorite […]

Arrow Puller from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®

The Little Gal was fortunate enough to receive a compound bow for Christmas. We practice shooting three to four times a week and she is really getting pretty good. If any of you have spent any time shooting targets with a compound or crossbow, you probably know it can sometimes be hard to pull your arrow […]

Prois introduces cutting edge technology in lady’s hunting gear

I am anxious to try out Prois’ new Intuition line I viewed at SHOT Show last week. It is a revolution in concealment technology for the lady hunter. “Prois launches the new HECS Intuition line. At ATA and SHOT Shows Prois launched their new Intuition line. They are the only US licensee of the HECS […]

You Have to Get It!

It’s Black Friday and you just HAVE to get these! The Generation X system. I received mine last weekend and the first thing we did was head out to chase mountain lions in the rugged rocky mountains. This gear did great and they are now at the top of my list in favorites for […]

A Favorite – the Turas

The other day I noticed a shirt.  I was looking at photos and there it was again and again.  It is in the photos from the NWTF ladies shoot.  It is in fly fishing photos.  It is in county fair photos.  It’s in stories about me and the Little Gal.  It’s in family bar-b-que photos and it […]

Stick A Tick

Earlier this spring, I was lucky enough to go to Oklahoma for a hog hunt with my friends from Outdoor Connection and Prois Hunting & Field Apparel.  When I arrived in Oklahoma, the first thing I was told was to be on the look out for ticks.  My friends told me the ticks would be much smaller than […]

Women’s Camo: Under Armour ® “Quest”

I am so excited to see that Under Armor ® has come out with a line of ladies hunting clothing.  Under Armor ® is paying attention and has taken note that women are driving the industry in purchases.  They have created a full line of quality, practical hunting clothing specifically fitting the physique of a lady.  It […]

Howling, Squealing and Snarling – Mini Phantom Preditor Call

I was excited to head to the post office counter yesterday with my yellow slip.  In our little town that of course means you have a package to pick up!  I handed the piece of paper to the man on the other side of the counter with a big smile and then stood there to […]

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