ReVO 26 Pro Ears youth hearing protection

Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate. Guns are loud, and the noise can cause hearing damage. They can also emit debris and hot gas that could cause eye injury. For these reasons, shooting glasses and hearing protectors should be worn by shooters and spectators.”

Follow firearm safety rules.

The Little Gal shooting a Beretta .40 cal. Wearing Altus Brands ReVO ProEars.

When shooting at the range, wearing eye and hearing protection is always important. You all know I have my Little Gal; her sight and hearing are important. We’re about to begin a lot of shooting this summer, and since she’s a little smaller, I received a set of youth ear muffs for her to try out. The neon green Pro Ears by Altus brands are just her size.

The height adjustment is simple, with a snapping interlock that holds it in place very well. It adjusts to fit a small child’s head up to an adult’s head and has a narrow circumference, so they stay snug to the head. She wore them to the range for a day, and I wore them to the range for a day. With the narrow circumference, I might end up with the muff headache that tends to happen as the squeeze is tight to your head. This did not happen. The muffs held snugly but not so tight as to cause a headache.

I also tested the muffs. I wore my earrings to give it a true test. The Super-Sized ProForm™ leather ear cushions are extremely soft and contour around your ears and safety glasses and earrings. If you have spent a long time at the range wearing a muff, you’ve probably had the problem of your glasses being pressed into your ears. The snug-fitting Pro Ears didn’t cause the traditional pain I was testing for. They were soft and comfortable.

The Little Gal shot, and I gave reminders and pointers. One thing about these muffs. They are not electronic versions. This was my only disappointment. When helping a child, I feel it is important for them to hear every word you say at the line. I would opt for their electronic version. The ReVO 26 Pro Ear muff is adequate when “total situation awareness” is not required. I agree with this claim. The muff is great hearing protection for children shooting smaller caliber firearms. The Little Gal could hear adequate commands at close distances without hollering and shouting.

ReVO 26 Pro Ears are available in various fun patterns, including zebra, a favorite of the Little Gal, and retail at $39.99. However, a child’s hearing is priceless! Take care!

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