Book Review: the Scent of Fear by Tom Adair

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I have always enjoyed reading, but if a book doesn’t catch my attention from the start, it may take me months or even years to read. It took me just two days to read the Scent of Fear by Author Tom Adair. If you’ve followed me at all, you know I don’t watch much TV, but when I’ve had the chance, CSI type shows are some of my favorites. I love a good murder mystery. How did Tom know that when he suggested I read his book?

The Scent of Fear is an attention catching novel with the star, Sarah, being a female hunter. More importantly, she also happens to be a forensics expert. She has her ups and downs trying to fill forensic shoes in a male dominated profession. I was on edge as I rooted for her and then shook my head with disappointment when things didn’t go quite the way I had expected or hoped. There is a hint of romance in that Sarah is brought together with a handsome man, Daniel, who comes to have a unique insight into sniper shootings. Tom’s attention to detail in firearms, hunting and crime shows throughout the book and made the scenes created in my mind that much more believable.

The entire story kept me guessing and left me with a high as well as a desire to read the sequel. I highly recommend this book.

You can order the book on-line either e-book format or paperback at Tom Adair’s site.

Author Tom Adair – About the book

Sarah and Daniel have each stood face to face with evil before. This time they’ll face the threat together. Youthful and impulsive, Sarah is a tough; no nonsense criminalist determined to measure up to the male cops around her. Daniel is a former special ops soldier adjusting to civilian life while working at his uncle’s forensic science center. Now, two killers have brought them together. One is a psychopathic murderer who turns the tables on Sarah. The other is a professional assassin only Daniel understands. Hampered by her inexperience and the sniper’s knowledge of forensics, Sarah struggles to understand the unusual clues left at the crime scenes. When Daniel’s mysterious past lands him in jail, Sarah must overcome her fears as she finds herself trapped between the killer she is pursuing and the one pursuing her.

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