Stick A Tick

Earlier this spring, I was lucky enough to go to Oklahoma for a hog hunt with my friends from Outdoor Connection and Prois Hunting & Field Apparel.  When I arrived in Oklahoma, the first thing I was told was to be on the look out for ticks.  My friends told me the ticks would be much smaller than Colorado ticks and more numerous.  They said to be on the look out for seed ticks which are very small.  Right away I was attacked by one burrowing its way into my shoulder.  It was horrible.   Later in the trip, I went hiking near a lake, and when we went to load back up in the truck, I had ticks all over my jacket and pants.  Ticks were surely a problem in that area.  That is where my friend Keli Van Cleave  comes in.  She said she had something for me, and sent me a sample from Stick A Tick.

Stick A Tick
Stick A Tick

At first sight, Stick A Tick is similar to a lint roller.  However, it is much more compact.  At 4-3/4″ long it is handy enough to fit into a pack or maybe even your pocket.  The size makes it ideal for toting in the outdoors.  Stick a Tick has an outer cover to protect it while it’s bouncing along on your trip.  You simply unscrew the cover and expose the sticky cylinder.  Roll it along your jacket, arms or any area you think may have ticks.  It traps them and they are gone.  Once you have used up a tape portion on the roll, you simply tear it off.  If you happen to be in an area where you can not dispose of the used portion, they have designed a handy compartment in the end of the handle to place it until you can properly dispose of it.




I do see a couple downfalls to Stick A Tick.  The first is the fact that the roller is somewhat noisy.  It rattles as it rolls.  If you were out hunting, it would surely be too noisy to be rolling up and down your arm.  I however, would surely appreciate not having to slap at my pants or jacket to get them off.  I also have very long hair, and if the wind were to blow, I am certain I would have a mess stuck to try to de-tangle.  Of course, I can always pull my hair back into my cap to help prevent picking up additional insects.  Otherwise, Stick A Tick is a very handy little device.  An idea that is perfect especially for getting rid of those nearly microscopic seed ticks.  I am sure to take this one on my next trip to the south where the blood-suckers are out in large numbers.  With a swipe, Stick A Tick will clean them right off arms, legs and clothing.

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  1. This sounds nifty! It would sure beat the heck of picking them off and flicking them out the car window all the way home! I agree especially about the seed ticks that are so tiny you really can’t see them on clothing. Its hard to know they are there until the itching starts…and by then they’ve attached with a vengeance. Thanks for sharing this great review with us!

  2. OOOOOOOOOh I just hate those ticks, this looks like a good item for me since I am not usually hunting. .so where do you get this item??????

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