Excellent show: Skull Bound TV

My weekdays are primarily shared between the Little Gal and work so on the weekend I do my best to get outdoors. I don’t watch TV often, but last winter I did get to catch an episode of a friend/fellow Prois Staffer’s show on the Sportsman’s Channel which I really enjoyed.


I first met Jana Waller in 2011 at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas. As we introduced ourselves at the Prois booth my first impression was that she was kind hearted and genuinely down to earth. She and her camera man, Jim Kinsey, chatted with Hank and I and told us of their mission to create a show incorporating hunting, conservation and Jana’s famous skulls. We both thought the idea was great and couldn’t wait to see the huntress on the flat screen.Prois Staff Mia Anstine and Jana Waller

I caught the first episode last winter and truly enjoyed it. As I said, I am not around often so I felt it was unfortunate that I didn’t get to see more of Jana’s shows. When I saw the season 1 dvd set come available, I purchased it right away along with a Skull Bound T-shirt for my Little Gal. The Little Gal just loves the shirt and is currently watching Jana’s shows. Me? I watched nearly four hours of content right away and enjoyed every minute of it. The cinematography was outstanding, and I have been told season two will be even better. I’m going to have to get that one too.

I highly recommend the show to hunters and non-hunters alike. It is great to “travel the world with” Jana Waller as your host. She share’s the highs as well as the lows of her hunts (which I find impressive because not every show ends with a harvest). She and Jim have included a “Conservation Minute” in each episode to help educate the viewer on hunting, conservation and how we can all make a difference. They share the cultures of the people in the areas they spend time in with you the viewer, and you feel the friendship that is created along their journeys. You of course will also see unique and amazing skulls, both raw as well as embellished with Jana’s one of a kind beading and painting.

I am excited for my Little Gal to watch the excellent hunting and conservation ethics portrayed in the episodes and think you should take a moment to enjoy them as well.The Little Gal with her Skull Bound TV season 1 & T-shirt

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  1. Awww! Thank you so much my fellow huntress!! YOU MADE MY DAY! Happy hunting my friend!!

  2. Thanks so much Tom!! And I LOVE YOUR work! ‘The Scent Of Fear’ is a must read for any huntress who loves a great murder mystery!

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