Prois introduces cutting edge technology in lady’s hunting gear

Mia Anstine Prois Elite Field Staff; Prois Hunting;I am anxious to try out Prois’ new Intuition line I viewed at SHOT Show last week. It is a revolution in concealment technology for the lady hunter.

Prois launches the new HECS Intuition line.

At ATA and SHOT Shows Prois launched their new Intuition line. They are the only US licensee of the HECS technology which is pioneering a new technology in hunting! They are the only company making a women’s line using the revolutionary HECS STEALTHSCREEN fabric. HECS STEALTHSCREEN is a revolutionary material that allows you to get closer to animals in their natural, undisturbed state and experience life in the wild like never before. HECS STEALTHSCREEN helps you stay undetected by combining three simple scientific principles.

1. All living things emit a faint electric signal.

2. Science has now proven that some animals have the ability to detect faint electromagnetic signals.

3. A conductive grid known as a “Faraday Cage” can block electromagnetic signals.

HECS effectively creates a “Faraday Cage” for your body that is quiet,  flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. To learn more about this technology and see some great videos and testimonials visit Intuitin Shirt - Hunting gear for womenThe Intuition line is made of conductive carbon fiber but remains thin and flexible. It can be worn under or over your winter under/insulating wear. Prois Intuition is scheduled to be released the summer of 2012. You can contact me to plan a “Home Hunting Party”. Invite all your friends and try on and purchase Prois hunting apparel for women.

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