Ultra-Light Harness: for binoculars, cameras or range finders

I’m always out scouting and looking for the next exciting thing in the outdoors, so I am always carrying my binoculars and/or camera. I was a little hesitant when I first pulled this product out of the package, but after giving it the good ole outdoor try, it has earned my respect.

The Ultra-Light Harness from Rick Young Outdoors is a one-size-fits all product. It is small and not bulky. It is easy to adjust, which is exciting to a Colorado girl who needs lots of layers in our extreme climate. This harness did not bind or constrict my movement in the early morning hours as I glassed for toms with my Swarovski 8.5 x 42 binoculars. I mention the binos because if you have or have used them, you will know that they are excellent and weigh about 2.5 pounds. This harness is said to hold up to 3.5 pounds. It has held up nicely with the weight and has shown no sign of stretching out during hiking, running, and horseback riding. That is a feature that gained a smile. Other harnesses tend to stretch under the weight and become loose and floppy, which is not a feature I look for in a harness.

The harness Rick Young Outdoors has designed  has a single fast point adjustment system at the neck. I was worried about my long hair being tangled in it, but thus far that has not been an issue. With the single point adjustment I am able to reach back, squeeze and give a pull or a tug to quickly shorten the harness after my jacket or vest are removed or when I am covering country via horseback.

When riding horseback with my binos on I tend to sling them to the side to keep the from bumping the saddle horn or so I don’t end up taking a hit to the sternum. The binos easily slung to one side or the other without snagging or binding on my jacket or other clothing. I didn’t have to worry about them flopping at my side or knocking against my saddle. They remained snug against my body.

With the bino’s attached to the Ultra-Light Harness they were snug to my body. I wasn’t worried about them getting caught on branches as I snuck through the brush. As I emerged and pulled up the binos to view the turkeys, I didn’t have to tug or pull them away as I held them to my eyes. Another harnesses I have is hard to pull up when it is tight to my body and then hard to hold steady because of the tension caused. This harness was held up, away from the body with ease as I scanned the valleys.

Overall I give Rick Young Outdoors high recommendations for their Ultra-Light Harness. Way to go designing a one-size fits all product that would even work nicely with a camera or range finder.

The harness retails at $19.95 and is available at rickyoungoutdoors.com

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