Elk Hunting Adventures, Tips and Tactics |050 MAC Outdoors Podcast

Join Mia and Lea as they bring you the much-anticipated story of an elk hunting adventure of a lifetime. In a series of episodes, the two will share the stories of the elk, the terrain, the emotion, and the gear that helped Mia to successfully harvest a beautiful DIY public land, wilderness bull-elk during Colorado’s…

Self Awareness and Building AR Rifles | 043 MAC Outdoors

This week on MAC Outdoors with Mia and Lea the pair talks about building AR rifles and share an incident where being naive resulted in an attack.

Lea is building her first AR rifle. Learn about all the options you have to choose from, why some are important, and why you’d want that style of gun.

After visiting with their cousin at the family reunion and learning she’d been attacked by a homeless man, Mia and Lea want to share some tips with you. Learn ways you can arm yourself, mentally, physically, and with a firearm.