About Mia

mission-statementI’m happy you stopped by. I hail from the mountains of beautiful Southwest Colorado. I grew up near the San Juan River and have fond memories of days in the mountains and by the waterway. As a child, I spent many days near the river in front of our home and hiking in the hills behind. It is there that I began my adventures and learned to respect the outdoors.

My father hunted to provide for our family. He taught me firearm safety. I learned how to dress and process animals. My mother taught me how to fish that beautiful San Juan. She also showed me how to prepare wild game, garden, sew, and to live off the land.

In my teen years, my parents divorced and my mother and I moved to the city.  It is there that I learned to truly appreciate the outdoors and all my fantastic experiences as a young child. I returned to Colorado and now spend many days in the field, hunting, fishing, and shooting. It is important for everyone to get a chance to connect with Mother Nature and the outdoor life.

My goal is to share the experience with others. It’s important for everyone to get a chance to connect with Mother Nature and the outdoor life. I always look forward to sharing my many unforgettable adventures. I strive to conserve wildlife, habitat, and all of God’s creation.

I am hunting guide at Wolf Creek Outfitters. I teach firearms and archery skills, and assist in hunter education. I write, vlog, and contribute to podcasts. I do all of this in hopes to inspire others.

Free-lance writer, Commentator, Podcast Host 
I share tips, tactics, reviews, stories and more. All done with a goal of inspiring others to learn about conservation, wildlife, habitat, hunting, shooting, survival, ranching, the wild west and MORE. WHEW! That’s a lot, huh?

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11 thoughts on “About Mia

  1. Thank you, this is the best blog on the net. In the city ( hell A ) Los Angeles, we have to be vigilant to stay connected to our true roots, your story and blog remind me of my tim growing up in Montana And rural Washington. Andi and I dream of the day whe our home is back in Montana, we cling to every tit bit we can… Thanks for sharing …….

  2. I too share your love of the outdoors, only in a more tropical setting. . .it must be an Anstine thing.

  3. I have been following you on twitter and just started reading your blog I have to say I envy what you get to do but understand God puts us were we need to be you are so blessed also I know you have worked hard for it keep doing what you do and keep bloging
    I cant stop reading.

  4. Just found your blog Mia, looking forward to reading and catching up on your posts. I really respect what you’ve done to help promote female hunters and the outdoors.

  5. So good to see more women in the outdoors and actively promoting women in areas that have been traditionally male! Thank you.

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