Women’s Hunting – Scent Free with HerCAMOShop products

Not smelling pretty, but happy to be Scent Free with HerCAMOShop products

Sometimes a girl doesn’t want to smell pretty.

Earlier this summer Hank, the Little Gal and I drove a giant loop through the south to hunt in Oklahoma and Alabama. We hunted with friends while in Oklahoma, and with Rack Nine Outdoors (RNO) in Alabama. We met up with friends from the Women’s Outdoor News and also HerCAMOShop.com’s Jeff and Shelly Ray. It was a pleasure to hunt with the group at RNO. They took very good care of us and one evening, while eating a delicious meal, Shelly Ray produced a gift to the Little Gal and I. She gave us a trial package of her scent free products.

Thanks to Jeff & Shelly Ray of HerCAMOShop.com
Thanks to Jeff & Shelly Ray of HerCAMOShop.com for the excellent ladies scent free product. So great in fact that it’s already mysteriously gone missing. Someone else loved it too!

I tested the products, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, lotion and body spray. They all passed my test of allowing a comb through my course thick hair. I was so pleased and especially impressed that I didn’t look like a black haired wild lion afterward. I say that because most volume shampoos add way too much volume for my extremely thick hair. The HerCAMOShop shampoo and conditioner did not. My hair felt thick but smooth. My hair had body, but did not stand up like a lion main. It was fantastic. Now I just had to take it out in the field for “the hunt”.

I am just returning from a bear hunt and no, I didn’t get a bear -YET-. Another huntress, who booked the same hunt, and I hunted in a pair with our guide. The other huntress got first shot and did get her bear. The scent free products obviously work well. We ended up close to bears in the brush. I am so pleased with HerCAMOShop’s scent free products and just had to share!

I also just ran acrossed my friend Becky Lou of BeckyLouOutdoors.com post. It is a review about the products. You simply have to check it out. She has said every word that I have thought as I tested the products. Read her post here: Becky Lou Outdoors HerCAMOShop Scent Free Product Review

Guys, if you surprise your beautiful huntress with these heavenly bath and body products for hunting season, she is sure to be happy, and trust me on this, “when the huntress is happy, everybody’s happy!” Becky Lou


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