Crossbow Bolts – Arrow Puller from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®

The Little Gal was fortunate enough to receive a compound bow for Christmas. We practice shooting three to four times weekly, and she is getting pretty good. If you have spent any time shooting targets with a compound or crossbow, you probably know it can sometimes be hard to pull your arrow from the block or bag. This is no different for a Little Gal.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Bednar Perfect Puller

I recently received a Bednar Perfect Puller™  from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®.  It is an arrow puller named after and initially developed by Bill Bednar, the late Hall of Fame Archer. Its design allows you to pull arrows easily, especially from high-density targets. Since the Little Gal sometimes has trouble getting her arrows out of the target, she would be the perfect one to test this product.

The Bednar Perfect Puller proved to be very easy to use. It is similar to a pair of pliers and fits easily in your hand. The Little Gal is left-handed, so it was a pleasure to learn that it works equally well in the right or wrong-hand pullers. (haha!) Note: She didn’t think that was funny.

The puller has interchangeable grippers and can fit the shaft of a standard compound bow arrow and the larger shaft of a crossbow bolt. It also grips equally well on carbon or aluminum.

Little Gal uses TenPoint Crossbow Perfect Puller

The Little Gal was excited to hit her mark with her arrows and try the new puller. She gripped it and pulled straight back to remove her arrow from the target. It was much easier than grasping the arrow and pulling with her hands. The puller did not move as it gripped and in no time, the Little Gal had retrieved her arrows from the target and was ready to shoot again. When I asked the Little Gal her favorite thing about the arrow puller, she said she thought it would be great to pull the arrow out with one hand. She was also excited at how quick she could pull all the arrows even if they were close together. Her hands were not red, sore or tired. I noted that the puller is hunter orange so when it accidentally gets set down on the range, in the dirt or in various other places it is easy to find. The handles also have a notch built-in, doubling as a nock tool for arrows.

Speaking of the puller being left in various locations. The puller was left on the table out at the range and unknowingly made it through a snowstorm. This means moisture, cold and of course high UV rays. I doubted that it would continue to grip after surviving the weather. When we used the puller again it continued to perform just as well as the day we pulled it from the package.

The perfect puller will be available on April 4, 2012, at various archery shops and through TenPoint. The suggested retail is $20.00 and well worth the money for any archer.

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7 Replies to “Crossbow Bolts – Arrow Puller from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®”

  1. Looks like a good tool. So I’m a rifle hunter but thinking of taking up archery. My wife and I are going to shop around at some stores with indoor ranges so we can try out several. Any advice on certain features that are a “must have”?

  2. I will have to write about choosing a bow one of theses days. The first advice I would give you is just what you wrote in your comment. Try several. The “must have” would be a good technician. If you have a good archery tech., he or she will ask you the appropriate questions so you get into the best bow. You want a bow that can grow with you as you learn and improve. The person behind the counter is the most important for your first bow.

  3. Great review, and way to go on the extreme test in the cold! Super photo of Little Gal and the puller, too. As to your reader and his interest in archery, if his wife can meet Karen Butler of Shoot Like a Girl, she’d get an opportunity to try several of the new bows on the market, under the watchful eye of the crew at Shoot Like a Girl. They’d talk her thru her first bow shot. Hope this helps!

  4. Timely topic Mia, an older retired friend of mine is having trouble pulling his crossbow bolts as he preps for Turkey season, I’ll have to find him one of these. Thank you!

  5. Brian, I think he would like it. It actually gives your hand something to grip, and you don’t have to grasp real hard. A simple firm grip and a pull. It really does work nicely.

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