RZ Mask – Camouflaged & Scentless

I have been spending quite some time testing out the RZ Mask. When I received it, the package declared “camouflaged & scentless – Give yourself the advantage of complete sight and scent concealment” That sounds like it would be ideal for not only tree-stand, but spot and stalk hunting.

RZ Mask - Camo / Scentless

At first sight the mask appeared to be durable and well constructed. It is designed to cover the mouth and nose and has an adjustable metal bridge to secure it in place over your nose.

  • It comes with two scentless carbon activated filters which filter your scent as you breathe out resulting in “clean air” out the vent holes. No scent means the animals have a lesser chance of winding you while you are hunting.
  • It comes in a 3D camo pattern ideal for concealment. (The mask comes in 20 patterns and colors.)
  • It is hand washable. Those of us who have hunted in masks know how important that is because of what the inside of a mask can smell like after a day of sniffling and sneezing from spring pollens let alone an entire hunting season.

The topic of Spring Pollen brings me to another claim from the mask. The mask is designed with their “N99 activated charcoal filter”. The filters are said to “keep out 99.9% of the pollen, dust, allergens, diesel particulate matter and other solid things that don’t belong in the lungs or nasal passages.” The downfall for me is that the mask is large for my face and leaves a gap below my chin where dust and dirt sneak in. The mask is a one size fits most so I wore it and adjusted it and wore it some more.

I snugged the mask up as much as I could so I would be able to test out the vent holes. The way it fit best was over my ponytail where it could be snug. The fastening system is velcro which was unfortunate during turkey hunting. I was way to noisy trying to adjust and keep it in place. As I sat in the brush contemplating the mask I came up with what purpose it would be good for.

For me, this mask would work perfectly under my helmet.

The next morning I donned the mask and then my helmet. I rode the 4 wheeler to the hunting lease and it was 23 degrees. The mask was wonderful. It kept my face warm. The air filtered freely through the vent holes and I could breathe easy. I had no frost or condensation inside the mask. The neoprene design was perfect for the cold temperatures. I also tested it out under my snowmobile helmet. It was perfect on a powder day. My face was protected and the mask remained secure in my helmet over bumps, jumps and climbs without obstructing my view.

As far as testing the scent filtration, I am certain the filters work well. For me the mask worked much better for motor sports than for hunting. The fit was not good for me making the mask difficult to hold in place while hiking and hunting, or even sitting in the brush. The mask is also available in extra-arge and youth size. I feel the youth may have been a better fit for me.

The RZ Mask is available at an MSRP of $29.95 at www.RZMask.com. Their web-sight recommends the mask for motorsports as well. They do offer a “no-hassle money back guarantee”.


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7 Replies to “RZ Mask – Camouflaged & Scentless”

  1. Thank you Chris. I enjoyed the mask under my helmet for sure. If I had a larger jaw, it may have worked better for hunting.

  2. Great review – well written! I may have to look into a set of these for our cold weather motorcycle riding.. could pull double duty..hunting and winter riding both 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to this product!

  3. G! I didn’t know you ride motocycles too! You are amazing! Keep it up! My bet is that this summer the mask will also filter the dust out while out riding ATV’s.

  4. i,m sorry mia i ment oder from your breath.some carbon masks are only good for 24 hours like the ones from the sportsman guide.the rz mask would be great if the filters last longer.

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