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Since I love the outdoors, I also enjoy being comfortable while I’m there. I like clothing that will help me survive. That usually means natural fiber fabrics and layers. Then, what girl doesn’t like being fashionable at the same time? I’m not sure if a v-neck tee equals “fashion,” but it’s close enough for me. Let me tell you about this tee, but first, let me tell you how I came to it.

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I first tried Merino Wool about fifteen years ago. I always love natural wool fibers, and they warmth they provided in the outdoors. The Merino was so soft and promised the same. I had to try it, so I bought a set of leggings.


I remember those pants had special care instructions and an uber expensive price tag. Since it cost me an arm, I followed those instructions to the tee, and still ended up with baselayer pants, that looked as though an entire pack of moths had chewed through them. I’ve since discovered a company who has the Merino fabric business figured out.

Best-base-layers-for-women-woolx-merino-wool-Mia-AnstineWoolX sent me a set of base layers (top and pants) to field test and review for Women’s Outdoor News. Upon opening the package, they felt durable. The care instructions said I didn’t have to hand wash them. WHAT?! In the back of my mind I “knew” they would end up looking like Swiss Cheese in no time. Since they shipped them to me, I took the challenge and wore and washed the heck out of them.

They survived. In fact, that review began three years ago, and those heavy-weight base layers are still going strong. WoolX is building quality clothing. CLICK HERE to read my review on the base layers.

Merino-WoolX-Brooke-14-zip-Mia-AnstineAfter my review published at the WON, WoolX sent me a purple ‘Brooke 1/4 Zip‘ long sleeve. This shirt has become a staple in my wardrobe. I adore it, and if they had more colors, (It’s available in black, emerald green, and deep orchid; aka. purple. MSRP $85.00) I would have one of each color. I’m not one to buy the same item multiple times, in varieties of colors, but this shirt would be an exception.

That leads me to the shirt, from WoolX, that I DID BUY in multiple colors.

Best-lightweight-tee-Mia-WoolX-Mias-Motivations-AnstineI first saw the ‘Mia Tee‘ on my Facebook news feed. The name, of course, caught my eye. The color caught it as well. It was music to my eyes! If that’s possible? The lightweight, breathable, V-neck tee, IN MERINO WOOL, had to be mine. I headed over to their website and saw a variety of summertime colors. (The Mia Tee is available in black, salt, tangerine, cobalt blue, blue ice, and pomegranate. MSRP $59.00)

Since the company has already proven to me, they know how to build Merino shirts, I ordered three right away. Yep. Three shirts in the same style. That’s a first for me, but WoolX Merino is a “must have” on my list. The also have men’s wear, so head over and check them out.

p.s. I’m not paid or sponsored by WoolX or any of its affiliates. This is simply an item that will help YOU survive in the outdoors, so I had to share!

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