Capture Epic Adventures – Epic HD 1080p

This is the Epic HD 1080p, from herCAMOshop.comEpic-HD-1080p

As you can see, it is small, lightweight and streamlined.

It is a basic, affordable point of view camera for those who want to catch a user’s eye angle of their adventures.

The Epic Cam records great high definition footage. There are four buttons to control it. They are located on top of the camera. It takes video or still images and stores them on to standard SD memory cards. It has settings for slow-motion, time lapse and time-delayed recording.

Others have told me that they had issues with short battery life when using their Epic cameras. I have not encountered that in the least. The batteries (3 triple A’s) have lasted about a year in my camera.

There are several mounting options available for this camera. I must mention I broke one of the mounts it came with the first time I took it outdoors. Yes. I may be a bit rough on equipment, but hey, I have to share my experience.

The camera also has a waterproof housing available. I don’t have one, yet. It would be great when I am out on the lake, hunting in the snow or rain and other times I end up tromping through water. The sound recording quality of this camera is near terrible without said housing. As you’ll see in the footage, at a little over a foot away from the camera, you’ll barely make out what I am saying. I imagine once I add said housing the chance of voice recording will be eliminated entirely. epic-cam-waterproof-housing

The Epic Cam does not have an LCD display for footage review. One problem I encountered with the camera is that when it is mounted, on a hat or helmet, I was unable to see if it was actually recording or where it was pointed.

I really liked several things about this camera. One was that this camera is small. It is streamlined and slides easily into a pocket or backpack. Another thing I liked is that it is affordable. It’s also very easy to operate. Overall, the video quality on this Epic HD 1080p is excellent.

Epic HD 1080p POV camera MSRP: $199.99 / herCAMOshop: $189.99


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