Go Rest High on That Mountain Old Geronimo

It was five years ago that I wrote this homage to a great friend, a mountain horse, who I love. Today I share it again as I say goodbye. Go rest high on that mountain, old friend.

Gironimo, aka G-Man. The toughest horse on the mountain.
Geronimo, aka – G-Man. Toughest horse on the mountain.

Stories From a Mountain Horse

I stand here enjoying the sun.
I chat with a friend and talk about the fun.
I wish he could share with me and tell it all.

Can you imagine the stories he has to tell?
Can you imagine a life lived so well?
A horse.
A guide.
A Mustang.
A huge heart.
A fighter.
A winner.

The “A Squad”.
He’s been to the top of each mountain.
He’s a hunting machine.

His face is gray with age and experience.

The years. The miles. The tales he has to tell.

A warm sunny meadow on a summer morning.
A frightened woman and her first ride.
A cheering family as her fears subside.
A hunter who is determined.
A loaded pack-saddle and switch back trail.
A bull bugle on a moonlit night.
A celebration near the campfire after a stalk and ride.

Cold mornings covered in frost.
Thick snow, ice, climbing and never lost.
The sweet, fresh blades of grass breaking through the snow.
A race for the honor and winning it all you know!

Elk, deer, bear, turkey, grouse, once in a lifetime moose, all special hunts.

All memories that make him proud to have the gray-faced wisdom of seeing it all.

Now, relaxed, sunning, taking it in.
You are still a champion and I know you are proud old friend!!!

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Outdoors, Hunting, and Inspiration with Mia Anstine and ‘Mountain Climer’

A new friend who’s been following my inspiration for some time reached out to interview me for a new project. He’s created a website, www.mountainclimer.com, which is designed to inspire others. I feel honored to play a part in being a positive influence, or role model, for others. I also look to them for inspiration, so of course, I had to learn more about the Mountain Climer mission.

CLICK HERE to read the Mountain Climer interview ’10 Questions with Mia Anstine.’


Jeremy Climer says he first heard about me when I was on the cover of Field & Stream. “After reading the article, I immediately found you on social media and started reading your blog posts and watching your YouTube videos. What really attracted me to your work was your focus on family” says Climer who grew up outdoors, though not hunting.

Jeremy says his wife’s first experience with guns and hunting was through him, and now they’re raising their daughter outdoors and teaching her all about hunting, fishing, and conservation.  He says, “It’s been important for both my wife and daughter to see women out there hunting and fishing – it’s not a man’s thing, it’s a human thing.”

The Climer family had a longtime goal of moving to Colorado and recently made the move when Jeremy’s wife accepted a job here. “Once we had our daughter, we wanted to settle down in the mountain west before she started kindergarten.” He also says he’s dreamed of hunting elk, mule deer, and pronghorn for over a decade. “I’m excited to finally get to hunt the animals I’ve long loved and admired. While I hunted whitetail and small game back in Indiana and Kentucky, I’ve never been one for sitting still, so I’m also looking forward to being able to spot and stalk as opposed to sitting in a tree stand.”

When I talk about joining conservation organizations to make a difference that means you also need to get involved, not just hold a membership card in your wallet. Jeremy is on the committee for the Mile High chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation and belongs to a number of organizations (RMEF, NWTF, BHA, TRCP, TU). He says he wants to do more so he decided to create his own opportunity via the new website.

Jeremy indicates his “goal is simply to bring people together and educate. I’ve done a lot of one on one educating on these issues during my time in Chicago and Los Angeles and gotten a lot of my friends interested in hunting, but I wanted to do that on a larger scale. Also, while there are organizations devoted to getting more people outside and there are conservation organizations doing new hunter recruitment, I didn’t see anyone out there trying to tie these things together. I’d like to see more hunters, more hikers, etc., and I’d like them all to be concerned about the future of our wild animals and places.  If I can direct someone who wants to learn to hunt to someone who can mentor them, or make hunting a little less scary for someone else, I’ll feel really good about that.”

Finding positive influencers is always important. While his website is new, you can follow it plus the Mountain Climer’s Facebook pageYouTube channel, and Instagram.

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NOISE Why I Won’t Walk Out

I sit here today struggling to get my work done, and the list of to-dos is lengthy. There has been a multitude of tragedies that are hitting close to home in my little town. My motto is generally motivational and I try to be on the upbeat. That’s because I know our time here is short and we have a lot to do.


The word prompt of the day that showed up in my writer’s feed is noise. I found it fitting and inspiring as a way to do my job, which is to write. If you’d like to hear me spew about why then read on.

Today I’m struggling to find the motivation because there is so much noise going on in the media, social media, and now right here in my community.

While everyone is running around making noise there are real-life tragedies occurring. People are screaming for the disarmament of a country as murderers rove our streets. — Criminals.

A Walk Out? What does that do to keep me safe? How does that stop evil?

Why now, if ever, would I want to be unarmed? Why would I want to be a sheep in a wolves pen?

I’ve had friends scoff when I say I carry at home. “Home? That’s your safe place.” Is it?


A close friend lives in a house that an ordinary, everyday citizen would see as safe from burglars and transients. Everyone knows he’s a gun owner. His driveway is lined with intimidating hound dogs. It’s not one I would deem as portraying a welcoming ambiance to a stranger. In fact, it’s been said that criminals avoid homes that have dogs. He has about 15.

Yet in the wee hours of the morning, when the rest of us slept, a stranger walked up the driveway and peered into the kitchen window with a flashlight. There was no knock on the door.

My friend who, like the rest of us, is generally sleeping at 3:00 am was awakened by the sound of his furious dogs. He came out of his room to see a light shining through the kitchen door and found a stranger who, in broken English, said he was having car trouble and asked for help.

The friend got dressed, loaded the man in his car, and headed up the road to see if he could help. Yep. He’s a good Samaritan. The kind that would give you the shirt off his back in a snowstorm.

As the two drove it was gathered that the car may need transmission fluid. From the translation the illegal immigrant gave, my friend deciphered that the vehicle could move but not too far and not uphill.

When they arrived they parked so as to shine the headlights at the broken down ride. As he lifted the hood and peered into the engine compartment, a swift blow struck my friend on the back of his head. The strike was immediately followed by a knife to the throat.

The man ran for my friend’s vehicle, hopping into the driver’s seat. As he began to back away, my bleeding friend lept to the passenger door, trying to get in as the man stabbed at him with a knife. After a short tussle and being drug, the friend was left on the ground in the road. He watched as his car sped away into the darkness.

I must say I have courageous friends. He managed his way to the broken down vehicle, got it into gear and limped his way back down the road to his driveway where he crawled his way up to the front door and his girlfriend found him in a pool of blood.

People make NOISE and then there are criminals attempting to kill law-abiding, good Samaritans in our country.

My friend was life-flighted to the hospital. He spent a few days in intensive care. He went through vocal cord and speech therapy and eventually made it home. Thank God he lived!

What about that man who attempted to murder him then sped off, leaving him for dead? The police set out tack strips, popping the tires of my friend’s car, causing it to careen off an embankment. The criminal wound up being life-flighted with multiple internal injuries and bones broken in his legs, ankles, and chest. After his rehab, he sits in the local jail awaiting prosecution.

Will there be justice? What is justice?


The country goes mad. They want to ban guns. What if my friend had carried his firearm with him that night?


A local shop owner, who is an icon in the community, reports multiple break-ins at his store. With his patience shortened, he sees notification -yet again- that the store alarm is going off. He decides to confront the situation himself. He arrives at the shop to find the burglar still present. The shop owner is shot in the chest and the burglar runs. Life-flight carries the wounded skier, archer, husband, uncle, friend to the hospital where he died.


People keep calling to ban guns, legalize drugs, and make the illegal legal. What does this create? A SAFE ZONE FOR THE ILLEGAL where law-abiding good people die?

People are dying. When will we recognize that drugs are a problem? When will we realize that illegal means “lawbreaker?” When will we put “THOUGH SHALL NOT MURDER,” “YOU SHALL NOT STEAL,” and “YOU SHALL NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBORS BELONGINGS” into the forefront of our missions?

When will be put the law-abiding before the criminals? Innocent people are dying. Where is the justice?

A walk out? It’s just NOISE.

THEN this morning I learn that another friend, a high school mentor, an inspiration, passed away in his sleep. Life is short. When it’s our time God will let us know. Until then don’t let the noise fog your views. I’ll be more inspirational in a while.

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Handbags for a Country Girl Who Goes to Town

I’ve had a struggle that past few months and it’s not the typical one of lugging a huge satchel around with my computer, camera, chargers, and gear. I’ve retired that messenger style bag but also had to retire the old heave MacBook Pro (MBP). I have new, smaller, more sleek, easier to travel with, MBP. Don’t you think I now need a new handbag?

The old computer bag was of adequate size to tote my gear however, it alone sported some weight. I may have an indentation in my shoulder from the burden I carry around the world.

I’m looking for something stylish, yet not quite as bulky. Something with character but not too flashy. It’ll have to go to classy events and to hunting camp. It needs to be something with a couple compartments, or I’ll need to also shop for pouches to segregate my cords, cards, pens, and other small items.

Is that too large a criteria for a new handbag?

I assure you it isn’t because there’s more. The strap needs to be hefty enough to support the weight of a laptop, camera, and more, yet thick enough so it doesn’t cut into my shoulder. Of course, it needs to be large enough to hold the new 13″ x 9″ laptop in its sleeve but not too big as to allow me to throw in the kitchen sink.

There are many perks to living in a rural area, but great shopping isn’t one of them. I’ve been sorting through millions of bags via this cyber-store we all have access to now-days. The bad news is I can’t touch and feel and try the bags. The good news is I think I’ve narrowed it down to three.

Can you help me decide?

All three are large enough to fit the technology I pack around, but there are plusses and minuses to each. Right off the bat, I’ll say they’re all a bit pricey but won’t break the bank. They’re leather so that ups my expense but increases the longevity of the bag. The look they have would allow me to retire my purse. I think I’d be able to use one of these as a universal handbag. I think they’re classy, yet casual enough to go to hunting camp. What do you think?

  1. American West Rio Grande, All Leather Tri-Color Tooled Zip-Top Tote- Turquoise

    Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.47.03 AM
    This one is the most affordable. It has an ornate appearance, but I don’t think it’s too flashy. I wonder, with the blue-tone accent, will it match every outfit? I’m not too much of a fashionista, but I do like to look good at conventions. Is it too “country goes to town”? $178
  2. All Leather- Dual Entry Concealed Carry Zip Top Half Moon Tote- American West

    Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.57.18 AM
    This bag is less ornate than the one listed above. I love tooling, and this presentation highlights it. A plus to this one is that is has concealed carry pockets. Yep. I probably need those, since I travel with a handgun. $204.50
  3. American West Dual Entry Concealed Carry Full Grain Leather Tote + Wallet

    Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.53.01 AM
    This has a look similar to the first bag, minus the color. It has the tooling I admire mixed with the smooth leather. Do you think that gives it too casual a look? It too has concealed carry pouches. It’s the most pricey but comes with a matching wallet. $290

Of course, this isn’t the toughest or most important decision I have to make this week, but it’s one that will be with me for quite some time. The last Fossil satchel lasted about five years. Honestly, it’s still kicking but has a few freys around the edges and a look of oilskin instead of canvas. I suppose it has character, which could tell stories from around the world. Boots and handbags — Oh, the stories they could tell.

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10 Reasons Horses Help Lower Stress

Charging horses

It is said that animals are our best friends because they help lower our levels of stress. I’m sure many of you have a dog or in my case two, or three, or seven. If you don’t, I’m not sure whether or not you can be trusted. (kidding! kidding!) Yes, those four-leggers are smile bringers for sure, but have you spent any time around a horse? How about an entire herd? It seems most of my friends find a smile when they come to visit my horses.

Charging horses
Yes, they doo look like a mob, but I promise they’ll make you smile.

10 Reasons Horses Help Lower Stress

  1. Horses have incredible memories. I can attest this to be true. We once had a guide who whopped one of our horses on the head. Needless to say, he’s gone from the wrangling crew. A year or two later, we crossed paths with him on the trail. The horse immediately pinned his ears when he heard the man’s voice and, as the man walked by, even swung his head around to whop him back. — Ooops!Lesson – Always be kind to others, even if it’s an animal.”Have you ever laughed at a horse with a funny name? Or made fun of one when it twists its face in flehmen? If you have, that’s too bad—that horse may well remember your insult for the rest of its life.””A 2010 study revealed some very surprising results about horse intelligence, especially memory. Not only does our equine friend understand our words far better than we have previously anticipated, its memory is at least as good as that of an elephant. If a horse is treated kindly, it will remember the person as a friend for as long as it lives. The horse will instantly resume friendship when it sees them again, regardless of how long they have been apart.

    They also remember places very well—most horses become nervous when they’re taken to a place where they’ve had a startling experience. “The good memory and relatively powerful intellect of horses is not always a good thing, though. If they get bored, they can accidentally figure out how to untie themselves from posts and open latches and grain bins. Once they learn these methods of mischief, they’ll never, ever forget.” Via Listvers.com.

  2. It’s easy to tell if a horse is happy, mad or sad. “Horses use their ears, eyes, and nostrils to express their mood. They also communicate their feelings through facial expressions.” Via CBS News
  3. Horses are good listeners. “Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees.” Via the University of Minnesota.
  4. Horses are excellent for physical therapy. “Horses are soothing, gentle animals. They are straightforward in their interactions without lying or manipulating. They do not judge or blame. Their presence alone can be immensely healing.” Via Elements Behaviour Health
  5. Horses know when something’s sneaking up on you before you do. “Because horse’s eyes are on the side of their head they are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.” See more at DoubleD Trailers.
  6. Horses can look in two directions at the same time. “Most of the time, wherever a horse’s ear is pointing is where the horse is looking with the eye on the same side. If the ears are pointing in different directions, the horse is looking at two different things at the same time.” Via Training Horses Naturally.
  7. If you want to get there in a hurry, a horse is the way to go. “The fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 88 kph (55 mph). Most gallop at around 44 kph or 27 mph. See more at Purely Facts.
  8. Horses have huge hearts. Literally, “The average horse’s heart weighs approximately 9 or 10 pounds.” Via Steinbeck Equine.
  9. It is said, “When you look into a horses eyes, you will find your soul.” Well, did you know this could very well be because “Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal.” Via HorseswithAmie
  10. To know a horse is to love them. If you don’t own a horse, you can always visit one. Horses are great stress relievers, even if you don’t ride them. Visit www.WolfCreekOutfitters.net and ask them for a moment with a horse!

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The Meaning of #blessed

Morning coffee pondering – #Blessed

I hope you all had a blessed celebration day. It’s the day after Christmas, and as I scroll through the FB I see two types of people. Ones who think blessings are about gifts and ones who think they’re about Christ, family, and experiences.

The examples can be seen by comparing two pictures in the morning feed. One is of a momma who adopted two children. She shares a picture of them with HUGE smiles, sitting atop their horses, going for a Christmas ride. The other is of two young girls with meek faces and a HUGE pile of gifts behind them.

One photo caption says, “No one was ever THIS nice” with a hashtag #blessed and a comment below, from the mother, “We love our children so much.”

The other photo caption, “Do not educate your child to be rich. Educate them to be happy.”

Tell me, which children do you think are truly blessed? While I think presents are a blessing of which we should be thankful for, is a child who doesn’t receive a mountain of packages less blessed than one who does?

I hope you all received blessings this Christmas. I believe we all received the greatest one with the birth of Christ. I also believe God gave us this great world to behold and take care of and to delight in. Get outside. Take a family member, friend, or go it alone. Solo time in the outdoors is good for the soul.


On the First Day of Christmas – Gift Idea

I’ve been diligently working on my Christmas gift list and in the process striving to give you some ideas too.

In addition to my, the Mountains Are Calling shirts, you can find a wide variety of items on my new Amazon Influencer page. There are tons of items for anyone who wants to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, cook, eat, survive, create and LIVE LIFE in a positive way. Yes. That’s my mantra, my mission, what I try to pass on to you. Now I have another outlet to help you along this avenue.

About the “On the First Day of Christmas” headline. I’m not a fan of the commercialization of the Christmas season, but this year I happen to have given my husband a gift on this first day of December. I gave it to him because the season is unseasonably warm in our neck of the woods, and he’s out in the reloading room working away.

No, I didn’t buy him a heater, but you just gave me another idea to add to my gift list. Thank you!

H is a music junkie. He likes to rock out while he works. He has Skull Candy blue tooth earbuds which work well. They come in handy while you’re out fixing fence or doing chores, but if you’re anything like him, you know those get annoying to the ears sometimes. That’s why I ordered him a Bluetooth speaker.

He’s already got drywall mud all over it.

I found the SoundPEATS Bluetooth portable wireless speaker listed on the homepage at Amazon on Cyber Monday. While I didn’t specifically do shopping that day, H needed a new speaker as his old one had kicked the bucket. Honestly, the old one didn’t ever work well and was put to rest early. I hoped to do better with this new SoundPEATS thing.

The SoundPEATS speaker is waterproof so that’s a plus. It says it’s durable. <CHING!> That’s another plus on the list. The Cyber Monday price? Well, it was a “lightning deal” so how could I go wrong? Honestly, at $29.99 this speaker is a little more pricey than the last, but you do remember I said it kicked the bucket early, right?

I’m a long time proponent of the “you get what you pay for” saying. This one has a regular price of $35.99, and I think it could be a great deal.

When H opened the box and pulled the speaker out, he smiled. The speaker feels durable in the hand, not cheap and plasticky. It’ ships fully charged from the factory, so he linked to it and tested it out right away.

The sound! That’s the good news. This speaker has a great tone. That’s the important part, right? Now I hear Offspring blaring from the reloading room, and according to the instructions, the charge should last up to ten hours. WOOHOO! He should be getting plenty done out there.

Hop over to my Affiliate page and check it out. Are there any ideas you’d like to see added? Do you have any questions on some that are already on there? Let me know, what’s on your must-have list, or your gift giving list?

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Great Gift for Ranchy Peeps or Anyone With a UTV

A great ranchy gift idea, or one for anyone who drives a 4-wheeler or UTV, has hit my inbox. I once shared this video of ‘What We Grow in Colorado’ (See below). It was all about rocks. We were picking rocks from the pasture before drilling the field. This is an ongoing process. I really do think they must grow because we pick them and then the next year there are more.

A cart such as this Half-Ton Hauler would’ve made that process a whole lot easier. You see, we used the Tacoma and had to huck the rocks up in the bed. That wasn’t the bad part. The tough part came when I drove the truck up the side of the hill and then had to unload the rocks.

I opened the tailgate and attempted to reverse at a rapid pace and then slam on the brakes, in hopes of the load sliding out. While a few rocks did dislodge, the process did more damage to my brakes than it did at landing rocks on the ground. I don’t suggest that method.

The Realtree Half-Ton Hauler has a pivot point, which allows you to tilt the container, without having to utilize every muscle in your body. It’s said to make it easier to drop your load in a designated location.

Every ranch should have one of these or at least something like it. While the rocks are picked, for now, I’ve been fixing fence and installing stays. Now I have chunks of wood to pick up. I’m all for giving this one a try. Tell Santa! I’d like to see this one in the driveway with a big red bow attached.

Check it out.

Give the Gift of a Realtree Half-Ton Hauler This Holiday Season

Wondering what to get the outdoorsman or woman in your life this Christmas? Why not make his or her life a bit easier with the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler Lift-Assist and Swivel Utility Dump Cart by OxCart .

Available at Orscheln Farm & HomeTractorSupply.com and Amazon.com, the Half-Ton Hauler may look like an ordinary cart, but it’s far more. In fact, it makes hauling and unloading large loads 90% easier than with standard carts thanks to the offset dump pivot point and hydraulic-assisted tub lift and swivel design.

Most utility dump trailers are designed with formed metal frames and a center dump pivot point that cause them to dump like teeter-totters. When the bed is filled with heavy items, you must lift most of the weight to dump the cart. You often have to step away as the load shifts and the tub slams to the ground.

The Realtree Half-Ton Hauler’s smart design eliminates these problems. The hauler combines a rear offset dump pivot point for greater control with a hydraulic-assisted tub lift for easier heavy-load handling. The swivel feature reduces backing, allowing you to control dump wherever you want. These key features revolutionize how much you can handle.

This smart design saves time and reduces physical strain, allowing you to get more done in half the time and with much less effort.

OxCart’s pro-grade performance, innovative design and exclusive features make it the first tow-behind utility dump cart that you can fill to the max knowing it can hold, move, lift, position and dump the heaviest loads with ease.

The hauler is load-tested to 1100 pounds, so you can fill it up and make fewer trips. The hauler is designed with professional-grade, all-square-tube steel construction, including NASCAR roll cage full-mandrel designed bent axle support. The powder-coated hammered finish stands up to the wear and tear of the outdoors. Tractor-grade multi-terrain 4-ply tires with run-flat technology are designed with a liquid polymer that self-seals most punctures instantly before losing any air. Commercial-grade graphoil bushings and grease zerks extend the wheel life. The conversion kit accessory turns the Realtree trailer into a farm cart/wheelbarrow in seconds for use in livestock care, land maintenance and hunting prep.The Realtree Half-Ton Hauler is a perfect Christmas gift for those who manage hunting land or farm land or for those who could use a bit of help around the yard.

Check out this videoto see how OxCart and the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler work!

For more info, visit www.oxcart.com

MSRP: $399 – $449

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Change your clocks and your driving habits

As clocks change watch for wildlife on the highway

In a recent YouTube video, I shared a headlight cleaning hack, and a story about how I came to have one clean, shiny headlight and a dull one. You guessed it. I whacked a deer. While I pursue wildlife during hunting season, I don’t enjoy hitting them with my vehicle.

In our neck of the woods, we drive the “Gauntlet.” It’s called that because of the numbers of deer, elk, and other animals that we encounter on the route. You might also guess that when we change the clocks, and daylight visibility decreases, the numbers of animals on the road increase. We have to slow down and pay attention more closely.

Return to daylight standard time: Change your clocks and your driving habits

CPW_SiteLogoDENVER – November 5 marks the end of daylight saving time, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds motorists to be particularly cautious to avoid wildlife-related accidents on our roads as daylight hours get shorter.

“The fall time change happens to be right in line with peak mating season for some of our wildlife, especially deer. Bears are also still actively looking for food and the calories needed before hibernation,” said Crystal Chick, CPW area wildlife manager. “Animals are on the move this time of year, most actively between dawn and dusk. With shorter daylight hours, that makes wildlife harder to see right when people are making their daily commutes.”


The Colorado Department of Transportation sees an average of 3,300 reported wildlife collisions each year, and notes more car accidents involving wildlife occur in November than in any other month. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the average property damage costs from animal-vehicle collisions is over $3,400.

The following precautions are good advice all year long, but particularly at and around the change back to daylight standard time:

  • Slow down. Swerving at high speeds increases the danger of an accident. Moderate speeds maintain a driver’s reaction time and allow an appropriate response to animals on or near roads.
  • Stay alert, particularly while driving between dusk and dawn. This is when deer and other common wildlife are most active and more likely to be crossing roadways.
  • Scan ahead and watch for movement and shining eyes along roadsides. If you see one animal, you should expect it will be accompanied by others.
  • Obey traffic signs, particularly wildlife warning signs. Though incidents can happen anywhere, transportation authorities attempt to reduce the number of incidents by posting signage and lowering speeds in areas where wildlife are active.
  • When animals are seen on or near the road, slow down or stop, honk the horn and/or flash headlights. This warns the animal to avoid the road and alerts other drivers to the potential hazard.
  • Always wear seat belts. Unfortunately, not every collision is avoidable, and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration states that the risk of serious injury and death in a crash is reduced by half when seat belts are worn.

Drivers involved in a wildlife/vehicle collision should report the accident to the Colorado State Patrol by calling *CSP (star key and 277). For additional information on wildlife and traffic safety, visit cpw.state.co.us.

CPW is an enterprise agency, relying primarily on license sales, state parks fees and registration fees to support its operations, including: 41 state parks and more than 350 wildlife areas covering approximately 900,000 acres, management of fishing and hunting, wildlife watching, camping, motorized and non-motorized trails, boating and outdoor education. CPW’s work contributes approximately $6 billion in total economic impact annually throughout Colorado.

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My Shooting Princess Slays Dragons

Do you remember when you were a princess, had huge dreams, climbed to the top of towers, and slew dragons? Hopefully, you’re still that girl (or guy!), so to speak. As we grow up and learn responsibility, respect, patience, and even fear, we sometimes forget where we started and worry about toppling. If we let the doubt take over, it will hold us back. Today, take a minute and remember back to that time when you were carefree, and embraced the challenge of slaying dragons.


That’s a picture of my daughter. She might’ve been around four-years-old at that time. Yes, she was at the top of the jungle gym, slaying a dragon or monster of some sort. My, to have the imagination of a four-year-old! Something that I’ve never let her forget is that she can slay dragons. If you listen to this week’s MAC Outdoors podcast you’ll hear her tell some stories about conquering obstacles on the way to becoming an independent young lady.

Something I’ve never let her forget is that she can slay dragons. If you listen to this week’s MAC Outdoors podcast (linked below) you’ll hear her tell some stories about conquering obstacles on the way to becoming an independent young lady.

We dropped her off at college over a month ago. She hit the ground running and has embraced her classes, she’s meeting new people, and shooting more shotgun competitions than ever.

At one shotgun shoot, she encountered a “dragon” who discouraged but didn’t stop her. Listen up as she tells the story of intimidation, obstacles, and other challenges she faced as she shot at took first place in her class and division during that event.

I am very proud of the wonderful woman she has become. She is still my beautiful, little princess, and she’s slaying dragons. Be a dragon slayer — Metaphorically speaking, of course!

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Advertisements on this site do not express or represent the opinion of MAC Outdoors or Mia Anstine. This article may include affiliate links.