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I have many friends who still read a good book but many more who won’t even take the time to read a little blog post such as this. I’ve always had an affinity toward a good book and remember a time when friends thought I was snobbish because I had my nose down in a book as my parents drove me through the little town of Pagosa Springs.

Over the years I’ve learned to wave and say, “Hi” to those I know, and even to those I don’t. It’s the way of living in a small town — even if it’s grown and now I don’t know as my people as I did back then. I also still have a love for a good book and a dream of a gorgeous library.

Are you a reader? What book(s) are you reading?

During those childhood days I learned a lot from my parents, God-parents, relatives, and family friends. Something I’d been told of is my ancestry. Have you ever looked at a picture of me and wondered what nationality I am?

I’ve met people who are afraid to ask, because in this day and age you must worry about offending someone. I’ve met those who are curious and dance around the subject and those who come straight forth with the inquiry. “What is your nationality?”

The answer as to what my background is can be a long answer, but I usually reply, “I’m a Heinze 57.” Other times the response is, “I’m a mutt.” You know what a mutt is, right? Mutts like me are made up of who knows what and how much.

Dad and mom told me the story of their ancestors. I’m not sure which are true and which are “fake news.” I will tell you, some of it has been verified and some has not. Let me leave that to you to guess as I relay the information. — No, I’ve not sent my DNA to strangers for testing.

Mom has told me that we are German, Irish, Dutch, and Welsh. Dad and several relatives relayed that his side of the family is Mexican, Yaqui, French, and Swedish. Now, if that doesn’t make me a mutt, I don’t know what to tell you, other than a saying my dad used quite often, “It is what it is.”

Back to reading books. The book I’m reading now is one I think you may like so I have to share it with you, regardless of your background. It caught my eye not only because it’s about the Yaqui people but because of the title, ‘Deer Dancer.’

I live near multiple Native American tribes and learned a lot about their respect for land and wildlife over the years. It’s part of where I get my values. I’ve always found it interesting to see the different traditions and ceremonies the tribes have, but I’d never learned about the Yaqui so I figured it’s worth a read. 

Why don’t you read it with me? If you respect wildlife, nature, Christianity, and maybe embrace the hunt, you might like it. I see ceremonial dress including a deer head, hooves, and cocoon husks in the cover artwork. It is intriguing to me. HERE IS A LINK to ‘Deer Dancer — Yaqui Legends of Life’ by Stan Padilla. Let me know what you think.

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