Touches of Springtime at the Funny Farm

It’s incredible how less than two weeks ago we had feet of snow and now it’s gone, and it looks like springtime at the Funny Farm. Does it feel like spring in your neck of the woods?

I’ll start by saying that we had our annual Safari Club International banquet fundraiser event last weekend. Most of my time and energy the past few weeks has gone into support, promotion, and creation of the event, and directly after if finished I began prepping for the next event — Easter! The first day of spring happened to coincide with the transition.

Springtime is always a happy season for most of my friends. At my house the decor changes, days get longer, temperatures get warmer, from the dead of winter the ponds thaw and grass grows, and baby animals are born! All of this makes me smile, so I thought I’d share a bit of country living with you.

I snuck outside with the camera to get a few pictures yesterday. Here’s a peek at things from animals to colorful additions on the first day of spring at the Funny Farm.

Scrappy Corgi – Just ranchin’.

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