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A topic near and dear to my heart is mentoring the next generation. This includes passing down and teaching them life-long traditions. Below is are tips, released by TenPoint Crossbows. Check them out and teach your youngster as well.


The Pre-Rut is the Best Time for Young Hunters

We all understand the importance of recruiting more youngsters to the sport of hunting. They are not just the immediate future of the sport; they are the future mentors and teachers that will train further generations of sportsmen and sportswomen.

The key, though, is providing the right hunting experiences for them at a young age. An exciting, enjoyable, low-pressure experience may hook them for life, while a boring, unenjoyable, high-pressure experience may immediately turn them off to the sport.

Because of the time of year, the weather, and deer activity, the Pre-Rut is an excellent opportunity to create a hunting experience that is sure to draw a youth into the sport of hunting, while also allowing a parent or mentor to spend quality time in the woods with their new hunter. Let’s take a closer look.

TenPoint_ATCOTPEN_SideImageTime of Year

Hunting before the time change means morning hunts begin at a reasonable hour. Getting your young hunter up in the mornings will not seem like such a chore.


Mild temperatures during this time of year make sitting in the woods a little more enjoyable for the youngsters. By this time, the mosquitoes have gone into hibernation. It is hard enough for kids to sit still without those pesky devils buzzing in their ears. There is also no need to layer up so thickly that they cannot move.


The Pre-Rut is a great learning time for young hunters. They get to see a little of the action that occurs during the Rut – the action that really excites the older hunters. This is also the best time to implement the use of scents, calls, and decoys to add to the excitement. Young bucks seem to get the itch to run first, which makes a young one’s odds of seeing one of the small trophies, or maybe the doe he is chasing around, much better.

Aside from the time of year, crossbows are an excellent piece of archery equipment to get the youth started.

TenPoint offers two youth models in the Wicked Ridge line of crossbows – the Ranger and theLady Ranger. Weighing less than 6-pounds with a 150-pound draw weight, they are the ideal size of a youth hunter.

Click here to learn more and as always…

Good Luck, be safe, and take a kid hunting!


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