Secret to Getting Your Youngster Into Hunting – TenPoint Crossbows

A topic near and dear to my heart is mentoring the next generation. This includes passing down and teaching them life-long traditions. Below is are tips, released by TenPoint Crossbows. Check them out and teach your youngster as well. The Pre-Rut is the Best Time for Young Hunters We all understand the importance of recruiting …

New Mexico Youth Compete for State Hunting Title – NRA Blog

Approximately 50,000 youths go through local, state, and provencal YHEC programs each year to determine who advances to the International event. Last month, outdoor writer Mia Anstine attended the New Mexico YHEC - which also happens to be at the NRA Whittington Center - with her daughter and was kind enough to report back on how it went ...

Get Outdoors – Colorado Governor Signs Families Afield Bill Into Law | Mia’s Motivations

SB 226 will allow new hunters at least 10 years of age the opportunity to hunt under the watchful eye of an adult mentor prior to completing a full hunter education course. Apprentice hunting is the hallmark of the Families Afield Program, a joint legislative effort by led by Sportsmen’s Alliance, National Shooting Sports Foundation and National Wild Turkey Federation, as well as Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and National Rifle Association. It reduce barriers to entering the sport of hunting and increases the number of hunters across the country.

Get Youth Outdoors Movement – NWTF

“There are so many distractions in our world today stealing the attention of our youth, but we [the NWTF] have a duty to our communities to provide options to help get kids outdoors,” said George Thornton, NWTF CEO. “We are proud to play a key role in promoting outdoor activities to our youth as they are the generation that we will rely on to help save the future of our wildlife and habitat.

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