What does hunting mean to you?

Not long ago I shared this poll which asked about why you hunt. I was curious as to how many of you would answer and suspected many would say it was about the experience.
It wasn’t easy to limit the choices to create the poll so I thank those of you who opted for “other” and filled in your motivations.
I think I’ve felt all of these, listed, at some point or another, well, except the “Everything because I’m a Navy SEAL” one. I’m not and never have been a SEAL, but I do thank you, immensely, for your service.
How about you all? Would you add anything to this list?

Other Answer Votes
“Interacting with wildlife”
“Being with friends and family”
“too complex to explain in a few words”
“Not just observing but being an ACTIVE PART of the rich pageant of Nature!”
“Everything because I’m a Navy SEAL”
“E) all of the above”
“Both being outdoors and learning about animals”
“Organic harvest, I know what I’m eating”
“Memories of my days in the fields, wood, and wetlands with my dad.”
“my closeness to God’s creations and my spirit”
“bonding w my partner”

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