Disabled Hunters – Apply for Deer Hunting in Colorado

While at the Michiana Outdoors Show I had a disabled hunter ask for information about hunt opportunities. Not only do we offer mobility impaired hunts but so does the state of Colorado. Learn how you can apply for a deer hunt in Ridgeway, Colorado.


RIDGWAY, Colo. – Colorado hunters who are disabled could have an opportunity to participate in a guided deer hunt at Ridgway State Park during fall 2015.

A total of four hunters, two for the second season, and two for the third season, will be chosen for these special hunts.

To qualify, the hunters must hold or obtain an accommodation permit from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Hunters must have a permanent disability that significantly impairs major life functions and their ability to hunt, or have a physical impairment resulting from permanent medical conditions that make it impossible to hunt without someone else’s help.


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Those eligible must first apply for and obtain a Game Management Unit 62 deer license for the second or third season through the regular license draw. The deadline to apply for limited licenses is April 7. The easiest way to apply is through the CPW website.

Disabled hunters who obtain a license can then receive a hunting application for the Ridgway State Park hunt. If more than four hunters apply there will be a drawing to make the selection.

To obtain an application for Ridgway, contact Andy Dean at andrew.dean@state.co.us, or call the park at 970-626-5822.

To learn more about CPW’s hunting programs for disabled persons, see:
http://cpw.state.co.us/Documents/About/Accessibility/MobilityImpairedBigGameHuntingApplication.pdf, or call 1-303-291-7380.

For more information about Colorado Parks and Wildlife go to: http://cpw.state.co.us.

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