Using Night Vision for Scouting (at the WON)

Scouting in the Dark: Using Night Vision Legally

Posted by: , February 11, 2015

Scoutvision-infrared-monocular-camera-mule-deer-buck-photo-by-Lea-LeggittHave you ever thought of scouting in the dark? LG and I’ve done a lot of scouting. We’ve chatted with a few bull elks in the night. We’ve heard footsteps near our tent at night. This past year we were given the opportunity to try a couple different methods of seeing those things that go “grunt” in the night. We tested both infrared and thermal vision devices by spying on animals in the dark.

When we received the optics on trial basis only, I thought, “What are we going to do with these? We cannot legally hunt with them.” LG and I began to throw out ideas of fun we might have with said items. I phoned the local departments of fish and game to inquire as to what rules we’d need to follow.

The area in which we live is near the Colorado-New Mexico boarder, so I decided to contact officials in both states. The upper state indicated we wouldn’t be able to use the night vision optics during a hunt…. (CLICK HERE to read more)

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