Catalina Mule Deer and Mountain Lions with HOWL’s Charles Whitwam

Welcome back to another episode of MAC Outdoors with Mia Anstine. In today’s episode, Charles Whitwam joins us to dive into the intriguing topic of wildlife management, including mountain lions and Catalina Mule Deer. We explore the controversy surrounding the proposed eradication of 2000 mule deer on Catalina Island and the ongoing ban on mountain lion hunting in California. We discuss the different perspectives of stakeholders, including hunting lobbyists, conservation organizations, and island residents.

Join us as we delve into the complexities of wildlife management, the importance of community engagement, and the need to bridge the gap between non-hunters and the hunting community. Get ready for a thought-provoking discussion on this hot-button issue. Grab your earbuds and tune in to MAC Outdoors with Mia Anstine, where we explore the wild world of hunting, fishing, shooting, and country lifestyle.

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