Conservation Crossroads: Bans, Wolves, and Legal Safeguards with Sportsmen’s Alliance

In this episode of MAC Outdoors with Mia Anstine, guests Naomi Hersch and Brian Lynn from the Sportsmen’s Alliance discuss key conservation topics. They delve into the Federal Government’s attempts to ban school hunter education and archery programs, tackle and ammunition bans, the complexities of wolf management in different states, Colorado’s wolf introduction, the role of Game Commissions in lawmaking, and the significance of lawsuits in defending wildlife conservation efforts. The conversation provides insights into the delicate balance between outdoor activities, conservation, and policy-making.

Sportsmen’s Alliance —
Archery and Hunter Education in the schools — Lead tackle —
Colorado’s 2023 Lead Ammunition Bill —
R3 Initiative —
Washington Wolf Petition —
Colorado’s Wolf Law —
CPW Commission —
Washington Commission —
North American Wildlife Model —

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