Writing and Speaking About Girls with Guns (GwG)

My friends and Girls with Guns (GwG) have made it big with women who shoot and hunt. Over the years I’ve used their products in reviews, productions, and during hunts. That’s why today I have to share a fun story with you.

Is grammar important to you at all? While I’m a writer and have enjoyed writing all my life, I’m not the best at grammar. I love my editors. However, there are many portions of grammar, speech, and spelling that are annoying to me.

What are some words, sayings, or spellings that make you cringe?

Because I don’t want to create cringe-worthy content or creates headaches I try to learn something every day.

What have you learned today?

Something fun I learned today

First, I’ll share a short story for background. I used to write for the Women’s Outdoor News (WON), and at one time my column there was sponsored by Girls with Guns (GwG). My daughter and I always called both them by the sound their initials spelled; “Won” and “Gwg (sounding like “guwoog“).” Rarely did anyone give us a look of confusion when we said “won,” but when we’d say “gwg” we witnessed side looks and raised eyebrows. You see, most people from GWG, when speaking the initials, call it “G-w-G.”

Today, while reading the article ‘3 common linguistic terms that people often botch’ I learned about – Acronyms versus initialisms.

Read on, and then let me know, am I botching GwG?

Acronyms versus initialisms
FBI is not an acronym, nor are CIA and NSA. Evidently, most U.S. government abbreviations are not acronyms; they’re initialisms.
Acronyms are pronounced as their own words, such as NASA or FEMA, whereas initialisms are abbreviations in which you pronounce every letter individually.
Therefore, since we say “F-B-I” with each of its individual letters, it’s actually an initialism, not an acronym. It would only be an acronym if we pronounced it as “fbye.” Fortunately, we don’t.
Some abbreviations defy this, however. The abbreviation for “standard operating procedure” is said “S-O-P,” not “sop.”

By Kyle Massa at Ragan’s PR Daily

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