Throwing it Back to Turkey Hunting Season and Gear You Need

It’s already turkey hunting season in some parts of the country, which has my Throwback Thursday eyeing good memories and great gear.

Elk hunters often ask why I like turkey hunting. Well, hey! What else are you going to pursue, stalk, and call in the springtime?! If you love the challenge of getting up close and personal with wild animals, turkey hunting fits the bill.

While in some areas spot and stalk turkey hunting is frowned upon, or sometimes even illegal, in the wild west it could be a go. Get out, explore, cover some ground, and hunt those big, fat red heads.

Before you go, you’re going to need some gear. Here’s a video I made a while back to give you an idea of what you may need in your turkey hunting pack. Have a look and then let me know what other items you have in yours! Happy Thursday and Happy Turkey Hunting! For me, sixteen days to go.

From the video: A friend wanted to know what I carry in my turkey hunting pack, so today I’m dragging it out and rifling through the contents to show all of you. See links to my Affiliate Shop below for details on the items in the video.
• Primos Speak the Language vest (no longer available. The link is for a newer model)
• Swarovski Optik binoculars –
• Flambeau Flex Turkey decoy –
• AvianX Laydown Hen decoy –
• Semi-thick hunting gloves –
• Primos Hunting hen turkey calls –
• Mesh camo face mask –
• Mesh camo gloves –
• Leica range finder –
• Primos Slick Stick Call Conditioner –
• Primos Lil Dog Predator Calls –
• Carlton’s Elk Calls –
• HotHands –
• FirstLite Balaclava –
• Turkey hunting pot calls (The models shown are discontinued)
• Mulit tool –

Not shown:
• Box Call –
• Gobbler –

I’m wearing –
• Girls with Guns Hunting Pants (these pants are discontinued. You can find newer models here. Use code SHEDHUNTER15 at checkout) –
Fisrt Lite Gear –

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