5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Hunting Season

TenPoint_ATCOTPEN_Header5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Hunting Season

The following originally appeared in ‘Around the Campfire,’ TenPoint’s Official Newsletter.

Every year as a hunter, it is vital that you evaluate your past season and modify or change your tactics to increase your chance of success in the future. Even if you caught up with that big ole doe to fill your freezer, or executed a perfect shot with your crossbow on a trophy buck, you can ALWAYS learn something. Deer constantly adapt to their environment, and we must do the same if we hope to stay one step ahead.

  • Were your stands in the right location, or did you need to be just a bit higher on the ridge or lower in the valley?
  • Was your scent in check throughout the season, or did you find the deer busting you from time to time?
  • Did your equipment perform up to your standards, or is there some wear and tear that compromised its performance?
  • Were you pleased with the number of deer you saw based on what showed up on your trail cameras throughout the summer?
  • When the moment of truth presented itself, were you confident in your ability to make a clean, ethical shot, or might you need to spend some more time on the range to hone your skill?

Your answers to these questions are critical. Even the best crossbow, compound bow, or rifle, can’t make up for certain mistakes. If adjustments are necessary, do not ignore them. Fix the issues, or make improvements to the things that worked. Assessing your strategy and performance in 2016 could be the key to unlocking the tremendous potential of the 2017 hunting season.


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