3 Payoffs for Scouting in February – TenPoint Crossbows

3 Payoffs for Scouting in February

The season is over, or soon to be, for whitetail hunters across the country. Whether or not you’ve let a crossbow arrow fly to put meat in the freezer or antler on the ground doesn’t matter mush any more. All passionate deer hunters alike must now wait six to seven months before we can feed that fire once more. But your work is far from over. In fact, it never really stops if you want to stack the odds in your favor to improve or continue to experience success when the 2017 archery season rolls around. Here are 3 things you should be doing this time of year:




  1. This time of year is one of the best possible times to put boots on the ground and do some heavy scouting. The branches are bare and the leafy green foliage that might cover the forest floor is all but gone. If you’re lucky and live in the north, you’ll likely have snow on the ground, which is the icing on the cake for pristine scouting opportunities.
  2. Where deer walk through the woods, the trails they stamp down will be obviously apparent. Now you know where the deer tend to move. Find a trail that is more matted down than another and now you know where they PREFER to walk. Follow those trails in one direction and you’re bound to come across one of two things: either a food source or a bedding area. Both of which, are crucial to learning the deer in your area and how they use the property you’re hunting. Bedding areas will also be readily visible if you’ve got snow.
  3. Keep your eyes peeled for that “white gold”! Bucks across the country have begun to shed their antlers. If you want another great way to keep inventory of the bucks using the property you hunt, finding their sheds is one very exciting way to do that!
The importance to this is that now you know where and how the deer will most often be traveling to and from their bedding areas, which enables you to locate the perfect stand location. Now, you’re set up beautifully for when hunting season opens up in the fall of 2017.

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

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5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Hunting Season

TenPoint_ATCOTPEN_Header5 Easy Ways to Evaluate Your Hunting Season

The following originally appeared in ‘Around the Campfire,’ TenPoint’s Official Newsletter.

Every year as a hunter, it is vital that you evaluate your past season and modify or change your tactics to increase your chance of success in the future. Even if you caught up with that big ole doe to fill your freezer, or executed a perfect shot with your crossbow on a trophy buck, you can ALWAYS learn something. Deer constantly adapt to their environment, and we must do the same if we hope to stay one step ahead.




  • Were your stands in the right location, or did you need to be just a bit higher on the ridge or lower in the valley?
  • Was your scent in check throughout the season, or did you find the deer busting you from time to time?
  • Did your equipment perform up to your standards, or is there some wear and tear that compromised its performance?
  • Were you pleased with the number of deer you saw based on what showed up on your trail cameras throughout the summer?
  • When the moment of truth presented itself, were you confident in your ability to make a clean, ethical shot, or might you need to spend some more time on the range to hone your skill?

Your answers to these questions are critical. Even the best crossbow, compound bow, or rifle, can’t make up for certain mistakes. If adjustments are necessary, do not ignore them. Fix the issues, or make improvements to the things that worked. Assessing your strategy and performance in 2016 could be the key to unlocking the tremendous potential of the 2017 hunting season.

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Purchase a TenPoint Crossbow and Receive Cabela’s Bucks

Receive Cabela’s Bucks This Week When You Purchase a TenPoint CrossbowTenPoint_ATCOTPEN_Header

Earn Cabela’s Bucks This Week

It’s getting closer. Can you feel it? Soon enough it will be time to make that trek to the tree stand or ground blind before sunrise. It will be time to shoulder that crossbow with a trophy buck in your sights. Yes, it will be that time. The time now, though, is to properly equip yourself for that moment, and what better way to do that than during Cabela’s Crossbow Sale? Now through September 7th, you can earn Cabela’s Bucks when you purchase one of the following TenPoint crossbows:

TenPoint-Crossbows-Carbon-Nitro-0ce6648e-5eb2-4ecb-9a01-ab1294ba31a8Carbon Nitro RDX w/ACUdraw – receive $150 Cabela’s Bucks

Winner of the 2016 Field & Stream Best of the Test Award and Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award
– 165 lb. draw weight
– up to 385 FPS
– 7.8 lb. bow weight
– 10 inches axle-to-axle
Stealth-FX4-TenPoint-Crossbow-261ed6ce-252f-4bc5-bc49-3dff20eae2ceStealth FX4 w/ACUdraw – receive $100 Cabela’s Bucks
-185 lb. draw weight
-up to 370 FPS
-6.8 lb. bow weight
-13.3 inches axle-to-axle
Shadow-Ultra-Lite-TenPoint-Crossbow-f0908b96-9bd3-4bfd-9a9c-0315bcc9060aShadow Ultra-Lite w/ACUdraw – receive $75 Cabela’s Bucks

-180 lb. draw weight
-up to 350 FPS
-6.4 lb. bow weight
-13.5 inches axle-to-axle

Titan-SS-TenPoint-Crossbow-8b05c0f5-e2c1-499b-a7b0-3da5c3f1ce5dTitan SS w/ACUdraw 50 – receive $50 Cabela’s Bucks
-175 lb. draw weight
-up to 340 FPS
-6.7 lb. bow weight
-18.5 inches axle-to-axle

CLICK HERE to find your local Cabela’s!

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

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Crossbow Company Collects FIVE Industry Awards



TenPoint_MRTPMEN_MainImageTenPoint & Wicked Ridge Collect Unprecedented Five Industry Awards in 2016

TenPoint Crossbows recently received its fifth best-in-class industry award in the ever growing competitive crossbow market. The awards span multiple features and price-points, further separating the company as the industry leader.


Carbon Nitro RDX – 2016 Field & Stream Best of the Test Award and Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award

The reverse-draw Carbon Nitro RDX™, one of four new crossbows from TenPoint in 2016, received the Field and Stream Best of the Test award and the Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award. Field and Stream editors noted, “At just 10 inches axle-to-axle, the RDX was certainly the handiest when cocked. Combine that with plenty of power, and impeccable fit and finish (not to mention very good looks), and the numbers added up to Best of the Test honors.”


  • 10-inches axle-to-axle
  • 385 feet per second
  • 165 lb. draw weight
  • Click here to learn more

Carbon Nitro RDX MSRP: $1,599 with Dedd Sled 50 or $1,799 with ACUdraw.

Turbo GT – 2016 Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award and Game & Fish Reader’s Choice Award

The forward-draw Turbo GT™, another new model in 2016, was awarded the Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award and the Game & Fish Reader’s Choice Award. “The Bednar family of Ohio produces arguably the finest lineup of horizontal bows available,” noted Outdoor Life. “The Turbo GT has stellar ergonomics and a balance as good as any bow we’ve tested in the last five years.”

  • TenPoint-Crossbows-Turbo-GT-7c0acbc2-5c4a-4aef-8ac8-39460669781a13.5-inches axle-to-axle
  • 385 feet per second
  • 175 lb. draw weight
  • Click here to learn more

Turbo GT MAP: $799 with Rope Cocker, $899 with ACUdraw 50, $999 with ACUdraw.

Warrior G3 – 2016 Field & Stream Great Buy Award

Finally, the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3™, priced at under $500, received the Field and Stream Great Buy Award. After four days of testing various crossbow models across various price-points, editors Scott Bestul & Will Brantley noted, “The Warrior G3 is an excellent shooter with a quality scope and fine trigger…a great value.”

  • TenPoint-Crossbows-Warrior-G3-dc15cb4c-3479-4fc9-b617-14b99077c53522.6-inches axle-to-axle
  • 320 feet per second
  • 155 lb. draw weight
  • Click here to learn more

Warrior G3 MSRP: $449

Be sure to stop by your local TenPoint dealer and test out one of these award-winning crossbows for your fall hunting season!

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Early Bird Tune-Up Specials – TenPoint Crossbows

TenPoint_MRTPMEN_MainImageTenPoint-Crossbow-0d2561c4-c6f9-4af8-a384-75f88c77a9feIs it time to replace your string and cables?  Is there a part on your crossbow that needs to be fixed but you haven’t had the time to make the arrangements?  Would you like to have an overall inspection and tune-up of your crossbow to keep it performing at the highest level for the upcoming season?

If so, you should take advantage of one of TenPoint’s money-saving 2016 Early Bird Tune-Up Specials!

2016 Early Bird Tune-Up Specials

  • March 15th – April 30th:  FREE return shipping (excludes hard cases)
  • May 1st – May 31st:  FREE labor
  • June 1st – June 30th:  15% off parts used for tune-ups and repairs

To take advantage of one of these money-saving offers, please follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the best offer in the most convenient time frame for you.
  2. Call your local Authorized TenPoint dealer to make arrangements to have the crossbow sent to TenPoint. Click here to find your local dealer.
  3. If you do not have access to a local dealer, call the TenPoint Customer Service Department at 330-628-9245 and select Option 2 to obtain a Return Authorization number.  You may also click here to submit a Return Authorization request form online.

Every crossbow sent in for tune-up or repair receives our free TenPoint Multi-Point Crossbow Inspection!  Schedule your tune-up or crossbow repair with us today!

Click here to view the entire TenPoint Crossbow Service Checklist!

Thanks and Happy Hunting!


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Secret to Getting Your Youngster Into Hunting – TenPoint Crossbows

A topic near and dear to my heart is mentoring the next generation. This includes passing down and teaching them life-long traditions. Below is are tips, released by TenPoint Crossbows. Check them out and teach your youngster as well.


The Pre-Rut is the Best Time for Young Hunters

We all understand the importance of recruiting more youngsters to the sport of hunting. They are not just the immediate future of the sport; they are the future mentors and teachers that will train further generations of sportsmen and sportswomen.

The key, though, is providing the right hunting experiences for them at a young age. An exciting, enjoyable, low-pressure experience may hook them for life, while a boring, unenjoyable, high-pressure experience may immediately turn them off to the sport.

Because of the time of year, the weather, and deer activity, the Pre-Rut is an excellent opportunity to create a hunting experience that is sure to draw a youth into the sport of hunting, while also allowing a parent or mentor to spend quality time in the woods with their new hunter. Let’s take a closer look.

TenPoint_ATCOTPEN_SideImageTime of Year

Hunting before the time change means morning hunts begin at a reasonable hour. Getting your young hunter up in the mornings will not seem like such a chore.


Mild temperatures during this time of year make sitting in the woods a little more enjoyable for the youngsters. By this time, the mosquitoes have gone into hibernation. It is hard enough for kids to sit still without those pesky devils buzzing in their ears. There is also no need to layer up so thickly that they cannot move.


The Pre-Rut is a great learning time for young hunters. They get to see a little of the action that occurs during the Rut – the action that really excites the older hunters. This is also the best time to implement the use of scents, calls, and decoys to add to the excitement. Young bucks seem to get the itch to run first, which makes a young one’s odds of seeing one of the small trophies, or maybe the doe he is chasing around, much better.

Aside from the time of year, crossbows are an excellent piece of archery equipment to get the youth started.

TenPoint offers two youth models in the Wicked Ridge line of crossbows – the Ranger and theLady Ranger. Weighing less than 6-pounds with a 150-pound draw weight, they are the ideal size of a youth hunter.

Click here to learn more and as always…

Good Luck, be safe, and take a kid hunting!


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Bring in a Gobbler This Spring – TenPoint

Colorado Merriam Turkey

After a long and difficult winter, the early signs of spring are finally starting to appear in most locations around the country. For many hunters, the onset of spring means that turkey hunting season is just around the corner. For those of you who will soon be in the woods in search of a “long beard,” here are some tips for locating and calling this cunning and elusive bird.

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Hunting the Rut by TenPoint Crossbows

Hunting the Rut

TenPoint_ACTPEN_RealSideImageIt’s that time of year…the rut is right around the corner and the excitement level for bow hunters everywhere is at its peak. However, since a case of over zealousness could possibly lead to mistakes in the woods, let’s take a look at a few guidelines to follow during the rut this year that will help you take your trophy buck home.

The first rule is simple, but one of the most important. Only hunt your stand if the wind is right for it! Many hunters schedule vacation time for a certain week, as they expect peak rut activity will take place in their particular hunting area. Because they have this time off, many hunters will hunt their stands during this time, regardless of wind direction. If you sit in your stand and know the wind is wrong, your chances of shooting a mature buck are greatly reduced – even if you do everything else right. While the big bucks are not as sharp during the rut and will make mistakes, their noses still work when they are chasing a doe.

Sit and be patient. Most hunters sit a few hours in the morning and sit the last few hours of daylight in the evening. Hunting in this manner is fine for the majority of the season, but the rut is different. If you are able to sit most of the day, or all day, there is a good possibility you will see more activity in the middle of the day than you ever thought possible. Hunting all day could be the difference in success and failure when it comes down to it!TenPoint_ACTPEN_RealHeader

Lastly, choose the best stand set location available. If you have multiple stand sets, it is best to sit in the one with the most doe activity. A good stand set might be near food sources that does are frequenting, or it might be in a natural funnel area with active scrape lines. Rate each of your stands according to its activity. Then, determine which stand is best for that day depending on the wind direction. Following these guidelines should make hunting this year’s rut more enjoyable and ultimately a successful one.

Good luck, and as always, Happy Hunting!

TenPoint Crossbows
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Taking Better Field Photos – TenPoint Crossbows

Around the Campfire – Official TenPoint e-Newsletter


Taking Better Field Photos

After days and weeks of preparation and sitting, you should be proud when you harvest an animal – whether it is the next world record whitetail buck or a nice big doe that will fill your freezer. However, the last thing you want is a bad picture to send to friends or post on your favorite social media outlet. As the old adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words. So, let’s take a look at a few basic rules to help you take better in-the-field photos.

The first step in taking better in-the-field photos is to make the animal look good. Clean up your harvest and make sure to hide the open body cavity as best you can. Once your harvest is cleaned up and in a good position you need to look at the composition of your picture.

When setting up the picture, it is important to get close to your subject. Many times you see a trophy photo and you see more of the scenery than the trophy itself. Remember, if you think you are close enough, get a little closer – whether that means zooming in your lens or walking closer to your subject.

Another important element to remember is that you do not have to center every picture! It makes a picture look more appealing to the eye if you offset it in some way. The rule of thirds is the best way to offset your picture. The rule of thirds works by dividing up your picture with three lines vertically and horizontally and placing the main subject at the intersections of the lines. When you do this, the picture becomes more pleasing to the eye and there is no doubt what you are supposed to be looking at in the picture.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will have much better pictures to show off your trophy harvests this coming season. Good luck and remember to send us your pictures or post them on our social media sites this season.

Happy Hunting!

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Turkey Hunting Tips & Tactics from TenPoint Crossbows

Little Gal Merriam Turkey Fan

Yup! It’s that time. We are locked and loaded and ready to go.

Turkey Hunting TacticsTenPoint_ACTPEN_Header1

TenPoint_ACTPEN_RealSideImageFor the hunter in all of us, spring means more than just nice weather – it means turkey season!  Getting back in the woods and hearing that first early morning gobble creates quite the rush of excitement.  However, it is has the possibility to dull your judgment during crucial times of the hunt. Therefore, here are a few tips and techniques you can use to help you be successful during your turkey hunting season.

One of the most common mistakes people make while hunting turkey is calling entirely too much.  Yes, it’s a thrilling experience when you know that a tom is answering your call.  Beware, though, as continuing to call back and forth with him can work against you.  During this time, one of the best things you can do is stop calling, as the tom will worry he missed an opportunity and will often head your way.

Another valuable tip for turkey hunting is to use the lay of the land to your advantage.  Turkeys love to take an easy route and if there are obstacles in the terrain, they may decide your calling attempts are just not worth the effort.  In addition, turkeys have a tendency to travel up a hill, rather than down a hill, to calls and decoys. So, if you are in a valley trying to entice a turkey to come down the hill to you, in most cases your attempts will go un-noticed.  Knowing these turkey habits increases the likelihood of successfully calling in that spring gobbler you are after.

As always, check out www.tenpointcrossbows.com and www.wickedridgecrossbows.com for all your hunting needs.

Thanks and Happy Hunting.

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