Colorful Woods – Blaze Pink, Blaze Orange, what’s next?

I rarely write about the “word of the day”, but today the word colorful makes me think of the ongoing debate of pink in the sports of hunting and shooting.

I have never been a fan of pink camouflage. I’m not a fan of pink in general, but now Wisconsin has passed Blaze Pink for their legal hunting safety rules. They’ve done this to encourage women to take to the woods and hunt. Several other states are considering following suit. Colorado is one of them.


Do you think fashion has a lot to do with the hunt? I ask this because I’ve always looked for fit and function as the two primary features when I’m shopping for hunting gear. Heck! I supposed that’s a priority in day-to-day wear as well.

A follower of one of the social sites I manage had this to say, “With this logic – make pink gear and women will want to do it – why not make lab coats pink so more women will want to be scientist & doctors, make suits pink so more women will want to be lawyers & CEO’s, make police uniforms pink, etc. It’s insulting and belittling to women!”

Do you find it belittling? What are your thoughts on this?

If we attempt to encourage more women into the sport, and pink is not the way to do this, what IS the way to get them out there? What do you do to encourage more women into the outdoors, hunting, recreational shooting or sports, fishing, and all other venues?

Here is some of what I do.

I tell my story. I’m happy to tell this story again and again because people who don’t know how, or who want to, get outdoors need to hear it.

I teach. In sharing my passion, I became a certified archery and firearms instructor. I did this, not because I wanted to hold classes and make money, but because I wanted to make sure I was teaching properly. The words count. The steps matter. Safety is uber important.

I share the excitement. I don’t only share my excitement. I like to share other people’s excitement. Also, it’s always just about women.

I encourage. I’m happy to answer questions or give advice if it will encourage someone to get out there. Below is a short video I did for a friend, who is recovering from breast cancer and needed a little boost.

I congratulate. I of course, congratulate all the lady friends I can, when they reach a step or goal. We also need to congratulate men and youngsters too. After all, we are a team and we should be supporting one another. We should be excited about other’s accomplishments.

I support. I support all hunters. I support all shooters. If you choose to wear that pink camo or blaze pink, good on ya. If you want a pink pistol or bling, go for it. Some of it may not be for me, but if it works for you #GoGirl! On that note, if you shoot revolvers, CHEERS! If you shoot sporting rifles, CHEERS! If you shoot long bows, CHEERS! If you shoot crossbows, CHEERS! I support them all and you should too. Hunters should support all hunters and gun owners and archers should support all as well.

Since I added the topic of men, what about that? Why hasn’t anyone mentioned those guys that love pink too? How many of them do you suppose will be out in the woods with their new blaze pink on?

Follow me on my social outlets and tell me what your thoughts are on colors, on methods of take, and on the guy/gal next door. I’d like to hear your opinions and ideas.

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