An Important Item for the Hunting Pack

With springtime hunting season Upon us, I was reminded of the Hunter’s Trauma Kit. I was brought to it at this year’s SHOT Show and need to share it with you.

As I hurried up the aisle, from one appointment to another, a gentleman looked up from his lunch. He hollered my name, stopping me and asked if I would see what he had at his booth. I followed him around the corner to see the product offerings from TMS Outdoors.

What He demonstrated for me were the trauma kits offered by TMS Outdoors. These are something every Hunter should consider putting in their pack. It’s a first-aid kit but goes much further in trauma care for an injured person.

The kits offered by TMS have been developed and tested on the battlefield, so they’ve used in real life scenarios.

I found all of this ironic because earlier in the day, I had been talking to a couple of different people about Benghazi. They both mentioned items included in the TMS kits, so I felt it was fate that I needed this and needed to share it with you.


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TMS offered me my choice of a number of size cases. The one I chose is the Hunter’s Trauma Kit. Inside the case, is an SOF® Tourniquet System, a Tramedic™ Trauma Bandage, Petro gauze and tape board, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, lip balm, non-latex gloves, a blood clotting agent, and of course, instructions.

The zippered, durable, Multi-Cam® nylon pouch is available in coyote tan, OD Green, multi camo, and blaze orange. They do offer other types of kits. I selected this one because of the dimensions. The Hunter’s Trauma Kit, Operator Advanced, measures in at 7.5” x 5” x 3”. It’s a little pouch that packs a lot of important items. At 14.2ounces, it’s also pretty lightweight. It’s small enough that it can fit into my pack or saddlebags. Plus it’s not going to add a lot of weight when I’m hiking around in the woods.

We rarely think about the what-if’s or the neutralizing events that can happen when we’re outdoors. We should all carry safety kits but a trauma kit, such as these by TMS, would be even better. On that note, don’t forget to get those first aid certificates under your belt, but also, take a CPR course. Get certified, then also throw a pack of such as this TMS Outdoors Hunters trauma kit operator Advanced into your pack.

“Made in the USA, TMS Outdoors strives to save lives.”

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