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Mia Anstine

This Is For The Birds

It’s the time of year many of us are headed to blinds, fields and marshes to bird hunt. With much improved gear, equipment and clothing the hunt has become a bit more comfortable. This means we can bring along our children and husbands are even bringing their wives.

It’s a blast to bring a “newbie” on their first bird hunt.

Many of us have a tendency to start our cohorts off using smaller caliber shotguns. This is sometimes a good idea because a 12 gauge shotgun can become quite heavy when you’re walking the fields, flushing birds for hours on end. It’s also pleasant for a smaller stature hunter to have a shotgun that is easier, and safer, for them to balance in the swing. That being said, you may end up with various gauge shotguns on the hunt.

Whether you’re sitting in the blind … (CLICK HERE to read more)

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