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Mia interviews Skye Goode, a passionate trapper who shares her insights and experiences with trapping coyotes and bobcats in Wisconsin on this episode of MAC Outdoors. Learn about Skye’s challenges as a beginner and how she overcame them, along with discussing the history of trapping and current attitudes, plus tools and tips for the trade.

Skye Goode is a passionate lifelong hunter who’s been bow hunting since a young age. However, a hunting tragedy led her to trapping. After shooting a buck with her bow, Skye realized that coyotes had eaten almost the whole back hams of the deer. Seeking revenge, a friend suggested a trapper ed course, thus beginning her trapping journey.

Skye also shares trapping tips and struggles and introduces her unique method of releasing bobcats unharmed using the “riot shield.” Her tool is a safe and humane way to release a captured animal. The pair also discusses the important role of trapping as an animal management tool to protect livestock and prevent crop damage. Finally, Skye shares her experience teaching trapping techniques at trap camp and promoting the activity to others.

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