The Meaning of #blessed

Morning coffee pondering – #Blessed

I hope you all had a blessed celebration day. It’s the day after Christmas, and as I scroll through the FB, I see two types of people. Ones who think blessings are about gifts and ones who think they’re about Christ, family, and experiences.

The examples can be seen by comparing two pictures in the morning feed. One is of a momma who adopted two children. She shares a picture of them with HUGE smiles, sitting atop their horses, going for a Christmas ride. The other is of two young girls with meek faces and a HUGE pile of gifts behind them.

One photo caption says, “No one was ever THIS nice” with a hashtag #blessed and a comment below, from the mother, “We love our children so much.”

The other photo caption, “Do not educate your child to be rich. Educate them to be happy.”

Tell me, which children do you think are truly blessed? While I think presents are a blessing of which we should be thankful for, is a child who doesn’t receive a mountain of packages less blessed than one who does?

I hope you all received blessings this Christmas. I believe we all received the greatest one with the birth of Christ. I also believe God gave us this great world to behold and take care of and to delight in. Get outside. Take a family member, friend, or go it alone. Solo time in the outdoors is good for the soul.