Guide Wounded on US/Mexico Border’s Family Releases Statement

Official Family Statement of Hunting Guide Wounded on US/Mexico Border

The family of Walker Daugherty, a hunting guide in a Texas hospital after being shot near the Mexican border, has chosen to release a statement in response to one issued by their local law enforcement’s investigation. All statements and opinions are those of the hunting guide’s family. ~Mia

Written by Bob and Jennafer Daugherty

We, the family of Walker Daugherty, have decided to release a statement regarding our version of the events that took place on a rural TX ranch along the Mexico border on January 6, 2017. Our statement comes after the Presidio County Sheriff, Danny Dominguez issued what he described as his office’s conclusion to their investigation of the incident. In an interview with reporters, Sheriff Dominguez declared that there was no cross-border activity and the incident “was the result of friendly fire”. We have chosen to release our account of events leading up to the incident to clear up, what we feel is, a lot of misinformation being reported.

From Left: Jennafer Daugherty, a previous hunting client, Michael Bryant, Morgan Bryant and Walker Daugherty.

Sheriff Dominguez’s statement that there has been “no indication of cross border activity” on the ranch is inaccurate. We have been involved in numerous incidents of cross border activity on the Circle Dug Ranch. Since December, we have been involved in 2 helicopter captures of illegal immigrants on the ranch. The first involved a group of illegals immigrants we spotted and kept track of until Border Patrol arrived to apprehend them. The 2nd capture was the result of a break-in at our camp while we were out hunting. The day after the robbery we located a group of illegals through our spotting scopes and called Border Patrol, who again apprehended the immigrants. They turned out to be the same group who robbed our camp and we were able to recover some of our stolen property. Border Patrol agents told us that one of the robbers was also a convicted felon who had recently been released from a prison in KS, MO. This was his fourth capture.

On another recent, yet separate, occasion two men from El Salvador came into our hunting camp and we provided them with food and water until Border Patrol arrived. On yet another occasion we witnessed an individual breaking into a neighboring ranch house. We reported the incident to Border Patrol who apprehended the individual. We also routinely see foot tracks and other evidence of uninvited individuals on the ranch. Border Patrol has told us that everyone in the area should be armed at all times and to never travel alone.

It is our opinion that the incident that took place on January 6th was a failed robbery attempt of our hunter client’s RV. Our son Walker and our other guide, Michael, were responding to what they perceived to be an immediate threat to the lives of our hunter and his wife. Walker was awakened, in his room in the ranch house, by an ongoing commotion at the RV. He then awoke Michael as back up. Shots were fired and the hunter and Walker were both wounded.

We do not deny that our hunter client was hit by a bullet that resulted from a horribly fearful and confusing situation. However, the bullet that shot our son was not. That shot came later and from an entirely different direction. We are unable to reveal all the details of the event at this time but we do not agree with the Sherriff’s stated conclusion to the incident. We have 40 years’ experience guiding hunters. We know our surroundings, our firearms, and our occupation. We have also assisted state game agencies in the apprehension of poaching cases and I am a former reserve conservation officer for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. This incident was not the result of miscommunication or reckless gun handling.

We are happy to report that our son Walker, who was shot in the chest, is in stable condition and continues to improve. We would like to thank all those who have been praying for our family and have supported us through this crisis. There is no way we can express our feelings of gratitude to everyone personally but we know who you are and you will never ever be forgotten. To all our friends both known and unknown THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!

Friends have set up a go fund me account to assist with medical expenses and the long recovery process that Walker is expected to endure.  He is uninsured.


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