A Hunting Rifle Designed for Women

Several friends have asked, “What is the best hunting rifle for women?” Over the years I’ve told them, “It’s the one she’s most comfortable with.” This Savage Arms Lady Hunter rifle is actually designed for women, so she might be comfortable with it.

Savage sent this rifle for me to review a few years ago. I liked it so much that I opted to buy it. I’ve used it for hunting mule deer and a coyote or two, but you might want it for whitetail or antelope.

The rifle is not a cut-down version of a traditional rifle. It’s one that is designed for women. It weighs in at six pounds (before you add optics, slings or other accessories). It has a beautiful, reduced-length, satin-finished walnut stock. The carbon-steel barrel is 20″ long, and the overall length is 39-1/2″. This shorty is well-balanced and very comfortable to wield in a standing, sitting, kneeling or prone position.

Although the rifle’s overall weight is fairly light, the weight of the wood stock helps reduce recoil. It has an extended butt pad, which helps in this department as well. When you look at the stock, it comes with a raised comb, which is a feature the female shooter will like. Ladies tend to have slightly longer necks than men. Moving forward on the stock, you’ll

When you look at the stock, you’ll notice it comes with a raised comb. This is a feature that adds comfort for the female shooter. Ladies tend to have slightly longer necks than men. Moving forward on the stock, you’ll

Moving forward on the stock, you’ll notice the checkering in the grip area. This will allow the shooter to maintain a good grip on the rifle in any condition.

Savage offers a three-position safety behind the bolt, which is easy to activate with the thumb of the trigger hand. It also has the accutrigger safety feature, which I like but my daughter doesn’t. You’ll have to try it out and let me know your thoughts.

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The rifle I bought is chambered in .243. It’s suitable for deer or antelope hunts. It holds four rounds in a detachable box magazine. The rifle is also available in .223 REM., .243 WIN., .270 WIN, 30-06 Springfield., .308 WIN, 6.5 Creedmore, and 7mm-08 REM.

Savage Arms 11/111 Lady Hunter – MSRP $899.

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