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How many of you are getting excited for turkey hunting? Do you have your packs ready? It’s almost time!

5 Items for a Ladies Turkey Hunting Pack

by Mia Anstine 

We sat silently, peering up at the bulbous black spots silhouetted on the tree branches. As darkness turned to light, we began to hear soft clucks followed by the raspy boss-lady as she lined everyone in the tree out. Then we caught the rumbling, drumming sounds of the big guy. The tom strutted on his branch, welcoming the sunrise and then he bellowed a loud, commanding gobble. Our eyes grew big and we knew “it was on”, and we were ready.

Ladies Turkey Hunting Pack

When you’re hunting big tom turkeys, you need to have a few essential items. I’m going to refer to these things as though you’re going to take shape and someday strike out on your own to hunt. As women, we need to be self-sufficient, independent, confident hunters. You can get started by getting your gear.

Turkey Hunting Pack – A good turkey hunting pack makes life on the turkey’s turf a lot easier. We’re all different shapes and sizes, so I recommend one that has adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps. Similar to hunting clothing, you don’t want to be getting hung up in the brush because your vest is too large.

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