Spot on Advice – Low Poundage Compound Bow Set Up

It’s always time to work on your archery shooting. Here is a reminder about low-poundage compound bows.

LG improves her shot in archery

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Spot on advice for compound bow users who have a low-poundage set up. I have a 23″ draw length and pull 50#’s on my compound bow. In my initial set-up I went with a lot of advice from my male archer friends. Most of them have significantly longer draw lengths and pull 70 and 80 pounds on their bows. I was getting little penetration out of my arrows and the velocity was so slow that I was luck to make a shot at 30 yards. I consulted my bow-tech and did a little trial and error shooting. Yes, I did spend a lot of money on items that weren’t quite right for my low-poundage/draw length set up, but the end result is a rocket-launched arrow out of my compound.

My bow set up:

  • Mathews Jewel – 23″ draw length. 50# draw weight.
  • Rip Cord drop away rest
  • Spot-Hogg bow sight

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One thought on “Spot on Advice – Low Poundage Compound Bow Set Up

  1. I think that you are Right On Mia. I have a 29″ draw length but my bow is only set at 50lb. I have not had a problem with penetration at all. I have taken both whitetail and bear with that set up. It works for me so I will continue to shoot that poundage.

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