Elk Burger Recipe

A favorite elk meat recipe. You can also substitute beef, deer or other game meat if you do not have elk available. Let me know how you like them.

Elk-burger-recipe-Mias-Motivations1/2 C – diced onion
1 Tbsp – vegetable oil
1 – egg, whole large, beaten
1 tsp – dried thyme
1 tsp – dried rosemary
2 tsp – brown sugar
1/2 tsp – salt
1/4 tsp – pepper
2 tsp – Worcestershire
4 oz – crumbled blue cheese (optional)
2 pounds – ground elk (or other red meat)

Other items needed: Hamburger buns, mayo, mustard, catsup, lettuce, tomato, cheese and/or any of fixin’s that are your favorite on a grilled hamburger.

In a large skillet, add vegetable oil.  Heat over medium heat.  Add onions and saute.  Set them aside to cool.  (we puree the onions after sauteing them and add them as below so the kids don’t notice them).


In a large mixing bowl, add the egg, thyme, rosemary, brown sugar, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire. Mix thoroughly.  Add mixture to ground meat and mix until well blended.  After the mixture is well blended, add blue cheese if desired.  If you are questioning the blue cheese, TRY IT! You just might like it. If you don’t, leave it out next time.

Shape burger into bun size patties, grill until cooked through.  Brown hamburger buns if desired. Serve hot with your favorite fixin’s!

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19 Replies to “Elk Burger Recipe”

  1. can’t wait to try it..I take my Elk burger and mix it with Italian sausage and grill .

  2. Good one, will have to try. However I think you left the egg out of the recipe in the listings. But got it in the mixing part.

  3. Jim,
    It seems I left the eggs out on the ingredients listing. I have added them in. Don’t forget them when you are making these great burgers! 😀

  4. Scott,
    It seems I left the eggs out on the ingredients listing. I have added them in. Don’t forget them when you are making these great burgers! 😀

  5. I just got my 1/4 elk…farm raised….and am going to try this as a meatloaf….a couple changes.whole Vidalia onion…carmelized…..2 eggs, and some milk and bread, fresh rosemary and thyme, and some parsley, olive oil, otherwise the rest is the same…will post the results..

  6. I might also add a squirt of ketchup and mustard….will let you know how it turns out….had elk from hunter friend, and loved it, tastes like horse (Europe experience)–or my grass fed Highlands….and yes, these would be great burgers….

  7. It was, tonight we are doing your recipe for grilled elk burgers!

  8. The grilled burgers were great….used fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley…and carmelized the onions….almost Mia’s recipe…did do just one egg this time and one piece of bread that had been soaked in milk….had them with blue cheese dressing and advocado…yummmmm…..thanks for your recipe!

  9. Mia–try it with fresh rosemary….one sprig, chopped without the stem and rosemary–a couple sprigs again no stems and some parsley, think you will love it….for me the fresh rosemary puts it over the edge….and the burgers are good reheated…1 min in microwave… thanks for your recipe….soon it will be viral!

  10. This weekend we are using this recipe for meat balls, think it will be great…this is a great recipe Mia….I make a great meatloaf but adding fresh rosemary, thyme, parsley and the carmelized onion make it over the top…I am putting some gorgonzola in them too…. thanks again, Claire

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