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I’m making a change to the routine of the write everyday challenge I’ve embarked on. In order to follow my mission of encouraging you to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot and survive life in a positive way. Yes, I’m still planning to write every day, but I’ve decided not to share my posts to the group where the challenge is hosted.

While I’ve still been writing posts from me I’ve noticed that I’m contemplating what I write based on what that writer’s group might like. This is a dilemma because most of them don’t follow my mission. I do strive to inspire others, so I’ll use the blogboost hashtag as part of the task. I’ll also read and comment on at least two other people’s posts at their websites. It’s fun to learn from others and to see their styles of writing.

I decided to do this because I believe the group is not my audience. I don’t write for them. You are my audience, and I write for you. Some of you may want to help me stay on track with my daily writing, but ultimately what I choose to do is entirely up to me, and I want to be free to write about what motivates me to motivate you.

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey and share in the adventures. Today’s a travel day for me, and I spent a lot of time writing in my notebook. I had a couple of you ask, “Do you really put pen to paper when you write? The answer to that is, “Yes,” I enjoy writing the old fashioned way and believe that it stimulates my creativity.

Tell me, do you write, and if so, do you ever write by putting a pen to paper?

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Mia Anstine is an outdoor writer, licensed outfitter, hunting guide, keynote speaker, and a range safety officer, firearms instructor, and archery instructor. She is the founder of MAC Outdoors and Host of the MAC Outdoors Podcast. 

Mia Anstine strives to encourage others to outdoors, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way.

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  1. Yes. I frequently put pen to paper. I’ve got notepads all over the place.
    Currently working on an edc, or get home bag, so I’ve got all sorts of notes on ideas and what to include, etc…

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