Stop With the Excuses by Save the Cowboy

I came across this image and message of “stop with the excuses” a while ago. I found it inspiring because don’t we all come up with reasons, blame, justifications, and ways to whitewash an outcome? As we head into the week, read the piece from ‘Save the Cowboy’ and think about what ways you’re inhibiting your progress in life. Let’s do our best to keep going but quit those nasty excuses.


“You’ve reached your limit when you reach for excuses. – Save the Cowboy

So what excuses do we make?

  1. I’m afraid – Afraid of what they may say. Afraid of what might happen. Afraid that it won’t happen. Have courage, stand up, ride the horse, ask the girl, go anyway.
  2. I’m broken – Yes, we all are to some extent. But being broken and remaining broken are two different things. If you want to become unbroken, don’t make the next excuse.
  3. I can’t… – You’re right, you can’t. Of course, you’d also be right if you said you can.
  4. I don’t know how – Then make mistakes. Find someone that does know how. Do something besides whine.
  5. But I’m too… – You’re too what? Shy? Old? Young? Skinny? Fat? Whatever word you use is a lie.
  6. Someday I will… – No, you won’t. The passage of time changes nothing except the date on the calendar. Do something today that will be a step towards who you want to be in the future.
  7. But they… – No one is to blame but you. Take responsibility. Take action. Take control.

I’m sure some of these hit home, but just in case — what’s your excuse? Because remember, “A valid reason doesn’t mean it’s a good excuse.” Background photo by Brandee Gillham.”


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