Writing Into the New Year

Good morning cheers! New Year! New Decade! New You –?! Are we really new? Have you changed? Who am I going to be meeting that I haven’t met before? HAHA. Yes, I’m kidding, but I really would like to know what you have on your to-do list and what goals, tasks, or resolutions you plan to accomplish this month, year and/or decade.

I’ve been off track with my writing for the past year or so. I plan to re-develop my writing habit. That means that if you’re a subscriber, you may want to adjust your email notification settings (I hope you’ll stay subscribed and continue to share adventures with me.) You can adjust your settings to choose how often you receive updates from my site. If you’re not subscribed yet, subscribe now.

I’ve joined a daily writing challenge and plan to write here every day in January. If you read my end of year reflections, ‘My Many Outdoor Adventures — Looking back and looking forward’ then you know that I’m a busy lady. I believe that being so busy has caused my habit of writing to wane. I need to regain my discipline and get back on track.

You may not know, but I started writing a book a couple of years ago. I have on my list this year to complete the book. I’ve honed the topic and changed the direction it’ll take and have been working on mind-mapping chapters, topics and what I want it to do to help you.

On occasion during this writing challenge, I’ll be sharing snippets from the book here. I hope you’ll give me feedback on the direction I’ve chosen for this work. What I share with you will be raw, unedited versions as I won’t send it to my editor until I have at least a few chapters completed.

My primary goal is to get back on track and to again share tips, tricks, reviews, and outdoor adventures that will encourage you to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way!

Join me on my journey and let me know about yours.

Thank you for tagging along. Please leave comments with your ideas. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Mia Anstine is an outdoor writer, licensed outfitter, hunting guide, keynote speaker, and a range safety officer, firearms instructor, and archery instructor. She is the founder of MAC Outdoors and Host of the MAC Outdoors Podcast. 

Mia Anstine strives to encourage others to outdoors, hunt, fish, shoot, and survive life with others in a positive way.

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  1. I’m hoping that putting it out there to the world and my followers will be a good kick in my pants. Let’s get to writing. I’m headed to your site. 😉 Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I’m ready to ROCK the challenge too – get back on track with the writing habit along with a few others. Looking forward to learning/reading more about you!

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