Why You Need to Hunt Turkeys | Beretta Blog

There’s an excitement in the air as friends, clients, and guides prepare for the turkey hunting season. We look forward to the morning chill, sometimes with a bit of frost, fog, and dew. Heck, some places even contend with snow. We prepare our gear, purchase new layers, hats, gloves, devices, and such to keep us warm. Some may think it’s pure insanity to go out in these conditions. Turkey hunters are a die-hard breed of which you should be a part.

We prepare to head out into the wilderness to pursue big-ol’ gobbling toms for several reasons. If you ask any turkey hunter, they’ll have a different number one reason on their list. Here are several to give you the inspiration to get outdoors and try to track down a bearded red-head. Chasing bearded red-heads? Now isn’t that reason enough?  CLICK TO CONTINUE READING ‘WHY YOU NEED TO HUNT TURKEYS.



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