Youth Share Hunts That Got Them Hooked at NRA Family

YHEC Competitors Retell The Hunts That Got Them Hooked

youth-retell-the-hunts-that-got-them-hooked-photo-courtesy-Kristy-McKeeThis August I attended the 30th International Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC). This annual competition includes eight hunting-related events, which determine the best of the best in youth hunting skills and responsibility. This year’s event hosted more than 340 competitors.

According to a survey of the 2014 YHEC participants, 79 percent of them have purchased a hunting license in their home state and 23.6 percent have purchased hunting licenses in other states. This just goes to show that these aren’t just competitors—they’re hunters who are taking their experiences into the field.

As the competition played out before us, a friend asked me, “What do you think those young hunters wish their guides told them prior to their first hunting experience?”

I pondered the question and honestly couldn’t answer it. So, I decided to ask some of the young hunting gurus about their first time chasing game.

CLICK HERE to read their explanations.


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