HuntFishTravel – Russian Bear Hunt with Mia Anstine

My friend Carrie, the host of the HuntFishTravel podcast, has had a Russian Bear hunt on her bucket list for years. She and I have also been talking elk hunting for years. Last fall we actually got to go archery elk hunt together. It was a blast to pursue elk and share the high country experience with her. Of course, while she visited, she had to pick my brain about the Russian Bear hunt experience.

Get a drink and a snack and kick back and listen as I recant the story of my trip to the other side of the world. I share some advice, some history, and of course the fun of the hunt.


Last fall I spent a week hunting elk in the Colorado mountains with Mia, while I was there she told me all about her hunt in Russia. From getting travel documents last minute to hunting bears in the dark to sketchy Russian border crossings.

Listen to hear the tale:


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