Hunting and why it’s NOT a wasted tag

Friends, and sometimes strangers, ask why I tend buy a license(tag) for any season I am allowed, even if I may only get one day to hunt. Sometimes the odds are against me that the tag will be filled, but I purchase one just in-case I get to go hunt that species. There is another more important reason I don’t hesitate to spend my money on them. My money goes to a good cause.

I say over and over again “It is not a wasted tag.” What does that mean? It means my money is going to support conservation, wildlife, habitat and research. I can go buy a new pair of sunglasses, a fancy dinner or new clothes anytime. Those are just things and there is not long-term reward in them. Rather than being a shop-a-holic, I am a hunt-a-holic. I figure if I’m going to “blow my money”, I will blow it on something that will benefit the outdoors and wildlife for years to come. I buy hunting tags.

Here is a video from the BBC. It includes my friends and a fellow SCI board member who work for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Here is what our money goes to. Wild life research and conservation. This is an amazing project that is being done right here in Durango, Colorado. It is a first hand look at what is NOT a wasted tag.

Click the link below to view the video.

bear cub


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4 Replies to “Hunting and why it’s NOT a wasted tag”

  1. Great article! That is a good outlook and I will use that on the people that give me a hard time about buying tags and not filling them. I hate to here “all of that for nothing”. Only those words come from a non-hunter.

  2. Yep. Always remember, we’re helping to support habitat and wildlife conservation. PLUS we spend MANY AMAZING days in the beauty God created. 😉

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