LG calls this “The Great Migration” (elk crossing)

We always try to leave early for school. This is some of what we see along the way. A huge herd of elk. One third of the elk went to the left. We caught them on film as they crossed the highway. The other two thirds remained in the field to our left. WOW! What an amazing sight. We love the things we see “along the way”.


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4 Replies to “LG calls this “The Great Migration” (elk crossing)”

  1. That was great. It is so good to see that there are still large herds in the area. Been awhile since I have seen them. Your video was steady and good. Way to go.

  2. We are working on our video skills! There actually were thousands more to our right. We got nervous because the car behind us was flashing its lights. I guess they wanted us to run one over?! HAHA!!! Love seeing them where they used to be so plentiful!

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