Little Gal Shares Shooting Safety with Friends

Hank and I spent Saturday morning with the Little Gal and two of her friends, at their mother’s request, teaching them shooting safety.  We began the morning by showing the kids several different guns and their “action” and how to check them and see if they are safe.

The Little Gal explains the safety on this .22 lever action rifle
The Little Gal explains the safety of this .22 lever-action rifle

While the kids looked at the guns they were reminded of a safe direction to point the gun and also to always treat the firearm as though it were loaded.

After the safety rules were reviewed, we headed out to shoot some .22 rifles.  We were joined by our favorite range master, Thomas the turkey.  He helped the kids feel calm and relaxed and taught them to stay behind the fire line.

Thomas helps put targets up
Thomas helps put targets up

The Little Gal shot first showing the other two the proper way to approach the shooting bench and how to handle the firearm.

The Little Gal demonstrates
The Little Gal demonstrates

Next, the Little Gal’s friend was up. We noted that even though she is right-handed, she is left-eye dominant. Once we got her situated, she shot better left-handed looking down the sights with her left eye.  

Initially, she was a little worried about shooting the rifle, but in the end, she had fun and was happy to know a little more.  She is taking her hunter safety course at school, and the final test will be a shooting course where she will again be reminded of firearm safety and handling.

Last up was the little brother.  He like many boys was gung-ho and ready to go.  We worked a lot with him on keeping his finger off of the trigger until he is ready to shoot.  

The Little Gal, Tom, and their friends had a fun day learning about firearms and how to be safe.

Be safe so you can have fun at the range
Be safe so you can have fun at the range!

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13 Replies to “Little Gal Shares Shooting Safety with Friends”

  1. Love to see young Girls shooting also, My daughter is just 7 and I want to get her a Henry .22 cal. for her birthday. She shoots my Ruger .22 pistol at the range now.
    You both seemed to do a Great Job. Safty is the first thing youth should always learn.

  2. Got to love getting the kids outside. Some of my most fond memories are learning to shoot with my grandfather. Now that I’ve kids of my own, I realize how difficult it is to get them ready and take them out shooting or fishing or whatever. I appreciate the effort my parents and grandparents took in getting me outdoors more every year!

  3. We feel honored to have a friend that wanted us to teach their children some basics. We just love to see people who are safe with their firearms or bows. The children teach us to be patient as well as direct in educating them when it comes to a loaded weapon.

  4. Yep Dave, we didn’t work much on having straight bulls-eyes that day. Mainly safe handling. Glad you are getting your daughter going as well. Weather they decide to shoot, hunt, or not, they all need to know how to handle a firearm safely.

  5. It’s kinda funny and kinda not, but Tom is a great one to practice with. He is never a huge distraction, but a great reminder to the kids if he gets in front of the firing line. I prefer him to demonstrate that rather than Billy, Susie, Mark or Katie. 😉
    He sure teaches them to pay attention to where their barrel is pointing.

  6. Every child, kid or whatever you want to call them should be taught how to handle fire arms. Way to go in helping them do so.
    Keep it up, it is a positive.

  7. Great post, cant believe Tom dosent get scared off when you are shooting.. Tom better stick with you guys!

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