Oklahoma Hog Hunt – Mia & the Little Gal at the WON

The Little Gal and I always appreciate your support and enjoy sharing our tales. We hope you get a chance to have fun family adventures as well. Here’s a tale from last year.

Mia and the Little Gal: A Hog Hunt to Help Heal ‘Pops’

April 23, 2012 by Mia Anstine

Mia and the Little Gal reminisce about a Hog Hunt

The Little Gal and I had big plans for spring hunting this year. We were going on two different spring break hog hunts, a youth turkey hunt and we were going to be doing some good ol’ Oklahoma fishing. These plans unfortunately had to be cancelled, put off and changed. The Little Gal’s grandpa, aka “Pops,” became extremely ill, had kidney failure and passed away. The Little Gal learned a lot from the loss and the brief interruption or “inside-outing” of our lives. She and I are gathering ourselves back together with the help of Hank. He’s been a rock throughout it all for the both of us. He’s re-scheduled a couple of our plans for later in the summer and is working on getting us back to “right-side out.”

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