LG has Buck Fever

Tales from LG
Tales from LG

I am not just obsessed with wildlife, it is my passion. That is why I hunt, fish and explore in the outdoors. We went to New Mexico for an end of the year hunt. We arrived early afternoon, got settled and decided to go on an adventure with my new PhoneSkope.

That time of day the deer are scattered all over the place. We went on a drive, yep road hunting, to see if we could catch a glimpse of a nice buck strolling around. We saw two little bucks who were on the fight. They were hanging out with about two-tons of does. I was lucky enough to catch them on film.

The week went by and our hunt was over. On our way out we decided we might as well go for another drive and see what may be up and moving. Sure enough, some bigger boys were out .Unfortunately, the monster stayed where we couldn’t get a good angle to see his pretty antlers. The others showed off long enough for me to get some footage before they headed into the trees and we couldn’t see them any more.

Here is my video, filmed with the help of my PhoneSkope. Please like and subscribe to it.

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