2A Colorado Girl in DC – DC Project

Not long ago I shared information about a fundraiser event for the DC Project. This is my first year to be able to squeeze it into the schedule, but I visited our Nation’s capital as a Colorado delegate for the group.

Over 50 women descended on Washington DC, coming together to support one another as we visited our Congressmen and Senators in support of our Second Amendment.

Founded in 2015, the nonpartisan D.C. Project Foundation gathers women of all ages and backgrounds from every state in the country to Washington, D.C. where they meet with legislators on Capitol Hill, share their stories of Second Amendment advocacy, and build a bridge of communication on behalf of all gun owners.

In February a friend and I visited Colorado’s Senate and House representatives. With just the two of us, and without appointments, we weren’t given much attention. This time it felt good to have appointments and a team of like-minded women beside me.

Being placed on teams with women from other states we were able to share views and experiences with one another’s law makers, their aids, and/or staff.

As a non-stereotypical face of gun owners, we had positive and meaningful conversations in many offices. Although I don’t feel as though I changed any of the non-gun liking law-makers’ minds, we did move the needle.

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