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Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc.

First season was a success for Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. (WCO). Our hunter was a first-timer and made the ever-tough elk hunt look easy. He took a 6×6 bull on the second day of the season.

The play-by-play:

Thursday: Sight in the rifle and practice shooting from shooting sticks. Identify hunting location.

Friday: Review game plan and meeting times.

Saturday: First day of season. Meet at the hunting location. Controlled burn has begun on neighboring land. Guide hears bull in the distance, the hunter does not. Hike, call, no animals. Break time for lunch. The guide brings horses for the evening hunt. Lots of smoke and not a single animal for the evening hunt. Hunter is discouraged.

Smoke filled valley
The valley filled with smoke from a controlled burn.

Sunday: Second day of season. Meet at the hunting location. Controlled burn still going but smoke is blowing south. After daylight hunter and guide hear a bull. It is “on fire” screaming. They see him. He is coming in. He is hung up on the meadow’s edge. Guide tries to work him around. He is not coming from the dark timber. New plan. They go to him. Now they see three bulls, 6×6, 3×4, 4×4, and about 10 cows. The wind changes direction, and the smoke fills the valley. The bulls are not coming. A new direction to get to them. The hunter is tired from the hike up, down, through brush, and up. He is discouraged thinking elk were the other direction but still listened to the direction of his guide and goes across a ridge. Suddenly, they see the bull. The hunter makes a great shot and has an elk–a 6×6 bull on the second day of the season.

Colorado private land hunt
A happy hunter with his first bull elk.

We were faced with challenges and still manged to make things happen. We are proud to be a part of this hunter’s great memories. Congratulations to another new elk hunter!

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  1. I’m the proud happy first time elk hunter above. This was one of the greatest hunting experiences of my life. I had great, helpful, experienced, positive help. The horses were well trained and obedient. It was all I could have asked for and more. Thanks WCO and especially Hank and Rufuss for all you did to make my hunt a complete success. Robert Myers Arlington, Texas

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